Begonia Maculata with Angel Wing Leaves

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We love the spotted Begonia Maculata, otherwise known as the polka dot plant, with its quirky silvery-white spots and deep red leaf underside. It adds personality to any plant collection and can grow to a meter in about 5 years under the right conditions. It also requires a reasonable level of care, making it an ideal house plant for those who want to develop their green fingers. 

Why We Love It 

  • Perfect for plant lovers looking to develop their skills
  • This evergreen Begonia has beautiful angel wing leaves
  • It's native to Brazil and loves the heat, filtered light and moist soil conditions
  • Our Begonia's are about 45cm tall and come in a 12cm wide pot. If you want to keep a compact look, you'll want to prune her back at least twice a year

How to Water

You'll want to keep the soil generally moist, but very well drained so the roots don't become saturated with water. 

Your Begonia will love humidity - a good misting or humidifier will help to keep humidity high. Be careful to look out for any bacterial or mildew build-up that will thrive in these moist, hot conditions though. 

Light and Soil Conditions

The Begonia Maculata will appreciate the morning sun more than a hot afternoon sun. Keep in a bright, south or west facing window that gets indirect sunlight.

You'll need to keep a warm room temperature of between 18-30 degrees to keep your Begonia happy too, but it can be grown outside during warm summer weather conditions. 

The Begonia does well in sand, clay or loam soil that is acidic or neutral. A houseplant potting mix will work well, with additional perlite to improve drainage. 

During the growing season, your Begonia will need to have a balanced liquid fertilizer at alternative waterings. Look to re-pot annually to keep your plant happy and healthy. 

Seasonal Information 

During the summer flowering season, under the right conditions you'll see small clusters of white flowers with yellow centers blooming from a single stem. Otherwise, this evergreen plant will give you year-round colour. 

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