Evergreen Daphne Odora in 15cm Pot

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The Daphne Odora is a compact evergreen shrub that has a luxurious floral smell when in flower during winter and spring months. The beautiful 4-lobed flowers grow in iconic terminal umbels and are a perfect addition to cottage style gardens. 

Originating in China and Japan, the Daphne Odora is part of the Thymelaeaceae family, which was established in 1789 by the french botanist Antoine Laurent de Jussieu. 

Why we love it

  • Evergreen for year-round colour
  • Thrives in chalk, clay, sand and loam soil types
  • Your plant will be about 20cm tall and comes in a 15cm grow pot
  • Daphne can grow to an ultimate height and spread of 1.5 metres in around 20 years
  • Pairs beautifully with our Loudon White Smoke pot

How to water

The Daphne Odora needs to be kept moist, but well drained so that water doesn't build up around the roots.

Light and soil conditions

Keep Daphne in either full sun or partial shade, in a south or west facing aspect. This plant doesn't do well in exposed areas though, so make sure to keep it well sheltered from the wind.

The Daphne Odora can be kept in a container or in flower beds in a fertile soil. It needs an alkaline or neutral ph and does well in chalk, clay, sand and loam soil types.

Seasonal Information

Will flower in winter and spring, followed by red fruits in Summer. 

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