Evergreen Succulents Houseplants - Mixed set of five

£29.99 GBP

Enjoy our succulent selection pack, the perfect gift to treat yourself or a loved one with. Perfect for planting together to create a wondrous, desert-like display, creating a succulent wreath or placing individually around your home in equally quirky plant pots.

Succulents are fun and really easy to grow. Their year round vibrant green colour makes them attractive no matter the season. 

Why We Love It

  • Better than chocolate selection packs
  • Very easy to look after
  • Distinctive colours and attractive shapes
  • Can be planted together or kept individually 
  • Why have just one plant when you can have a bundle of five!

How to Water

As with most succulents, your new friends will require moderate watering throughout the year. Check your soil regularly to ensure the top is dry before your next watering. When you water, water thoroughly and allow for adequate drainage, watering the soil and not the succulent it'self where possible.

You'll notice you will need to water less frequently during the colder winter months when water takes longer to evaporate.

Light and Soil Conditions

Succulents tend to prefer a warm and light location in your home, however, they are renowned for being quite hard to kill. Signs of sunburn will show that your plant is getting too much direct sunlight, where as wilting and a lack of vibrancy are signs your succulent would benefit from more sunlight.

Consider rotating your succulent frequently to ensure even, rounded growth. 

Seasonal Information 

Vibrant year round colour, perfect for seasonal gifts and keeping the feel of your home lively and happy.


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