Ficus Elastica Tineke - Year-Round Houseplant

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This pretty little Ficus Elastica Tineke is small but fast growing. Each plant has it's own distinctive leaf pattern, and ranges in colour from blush pink to a cream tone. Owning a small plant allows you to really experience plant parenthood, nurturing your plantlet into a big, beautiful adult plant. 

Why we love it

  • Easy to care for
  • Each leaf has a distinctive and unique pattern caused by the variegation
  • The Ficus Elastica Tineke is about 7cm high from the top of the soil and comes in a 6cm wide pot
  • Makes a wonderful gift for plant lovers

How to Water

Make sure you allow the rubber plant to dry out between each wearing. You only need to water when the soil is dry to touch and mist the leaves during summer to increase your plants humidity. Wipe the glossy leaves with a sponge when required to keep them clean.

Light and soil conditions

Your Ficus Elastica Tineke will need bright but indirect sunlight, with a temperature above 12 degrees. The bright light will help keep its colours vibrant. See seasonal information for advice on when to repot. 

Use a good, neutral potting compost. 

Seasonal Information

This is an evergreen plant that gives you year-round, indoor colour. Only repot a rubber plant when the tree is semi-dormant in late winter or early spring as they can be sensitive to transplant shock.

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