Kamado Ceramic Grill Barbecue 22 Inch

£999.99 GBP
Colour: Deep Green

About the Kamado Ceramic Grill Barbecue

Take your barbecuing to another level with this robust ceramic Kamado grill that heats up ready for cooking in 15 minutes. Designed to allow for precise temperature control, ranging from 107 and 399 degrees celsius, you can use this charcoal grill for grilling, searing, baking and smoking by adding wood chips to the charcoal. The high-quality ceramic body is excellent at heat retention, which is why it’s an extremely versatile cooking unit and can be used to cook anything from meat and fish, to pizza, bread and even baking a cake. Our Kamado barbecues are available in a black or green finish.

Why We love it

  • The ceramic body allows the Kamado barbecue to reach temperatures up to 399 degrees celsius, keeping the coals hot for up to 10 hours, perfect for slow roasting
  • Top and bottom vents allow for precise air and temperature control so you can tailor to your cooking method, whether that’s slow roasting, grilling or baking
  • A waterproof thermometer allows you to accurately monitor the temperature inside the ceramic body
  • A two-tier stainless steel 304 grill (each tier has a 47.5cm diameter) provides a large cooking area perfect for a large family. To access the bottom grill, simply fold the top grill
  • The lid is fitted with a cushioned rim to allow for a smooth, soft close and the insulated bamboo handle adds a stylish finish
  • The stainless steel frame features four wheels on castors fitted with a locking mechanism to prevent the barbecue from moving whilst in use
  • Practical collapsible bamboo side shelves open out on both sides of the barbecue, providing a convenient surface for cooking utensils and food preparation
  • Fast and free delivery directly from our Cotswolds warehouse

For camping weekends or beach days, shop our portable Kamado barbecue, as well as our full outdoor living range to kit out your garden for all seasons.


  • Built-in waterproof thermometer
  • Stainless steel trolley with wheels on castors fitted with a locking mechanism
  • Two-tier stainless steel removable 304 grill grid, each with a diameter of 47.5cm
  • Insulated bamboo handle
  • Collapsible bamboo side shelves
  • Extra cushion soft close seal
  • Cast iron charcoal grate
  • Fuel type: Lump wood charcoal
  • Ceramic body dimensions: W57cm x H69.5cm
  • Total dimensions once assembled: H120cm x W135cm x D73cm
  • Cooking area: 1771cm²
  • Weight: 88kg

Light using lump wood charcoal and firelighters, do not use petrol.

This ceramic kamado grill barbecue is extremely heavy and requires a minimum of two people to remove from the pallet packaging.

To clean, leave the barbecue burning for 30 minutes at 26 degrees Celsius to allow it to self-clean and burn off any food and debris. Do not use water or any other chemicals to clean the inside of the barbecue as it may cause the ceramic to crack. The grill can be removed and cleaned separately with a non-abrasive cleaning agent.

When not in use and completely cooled, we recommend to cover your Kamado barbecue with a waterproof cover. During winter store undercover or in a garage or shed for complete protection.


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