Natural Rattan Basket - 3 Sizes

£24.99 GBP

Decorate front porches, patios or shady garden spaces with these beautifully handcrafted, 100% natural rattan, weave baskets. Plant with country florals to lend a twist of English heritage to your garden space or use indoors as a stylish storage solution. 

Why we love it

  • The natural wood colour will age over time, adding more character 
  • Two sturdy handles make moving the rattan basket really easy
  • Choose from three sizes to suit different spaces (see specifications)
  • Free delivery on all orders over £40

Specifications and care

Width Height
 27cm 26cm
32cm 28cm
40cm 32cm

Most suits a shady spot as natural wood may bleach in direct sunlight.

These weave baskets have natural drainage but no specific drainage holes. You'll likely want to add your own lining to protect the weave material. We recommend storing natural wood planters in a dry, frost free space over the winter months to ensure longevity.


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