Small Adenium Obesum - desert rose

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The tropical Adenium Obesum is a succulent native to East Africa and Arbia. It has an incredibly unusual yet ornamental shape, with a swollen trunk that stores water. This is the perfect plant for novice houseplant enthusiasts.

The small size lets you really experience plant parenthood, watching your baby plant to grow and thrive in time.

Why We Love It

  • Also known as the desert rose
  • Distinctive, attractive shape - considered a natural bonsai
  • Because it stores water, thrives best when neglected for a little time
  • Requires warm environment and lots of light. Native to a desert environment in hot, direct sunlight
  • Small in size, your plant will be about 14cm tall and will be in a grow pot of 6cm wide
  • Owning a small plant allows you to really experience plant parenthood, nurturing it into a big, beautiful adult plant

How to Water

As with most succulents, your Adenium Obesum will require moderate watering throughout the year. Check your soil regularly to ensure the top inch is dry before your next watering. When you water, water thoroughly and allow for adequate drainage. This will mimic the plants natural water cycle during rainy periods in desert conditions.

You'll notice it will need less frequent watering during the colder winter months when water takes longer to evaporate.

The Adenium Obesum stores water in the base of its trunk, giving it it's unique bulbous look. While you have to be careful not to over water your succulent, a more square trunk is an indication of ill health or under watering. 

Light and Soil Conditions

As this tropical Adenium Obesum is native to Africa, it does require a good level of light to help it thrive. Adenium Obesum prefer between 6-8 hours of sunlight during the day, so is ideal to keep near a window and even outside during the hotter summer days.

Seasonal Information 

This shrubby perennial succulent should give you vibrant year round colour, however, as it's deciduous, the succulent can loose it's leaves for a period of time over the colder months.

Under the right conditions, your Adenium Obesum can flower in the summer, giving you an impressive display to enjoy. It can be difficult to induce to flower though, especially in the UK, and you'll really need to mimic the desert conditions (hot sun and periods of restricted water) will help with the likelihood of flowering.

The sap of the Adenium Obesum can irritate the skin and may be toxic to some pets, so be sure to dispose of the leaves if they do drop.

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