Small Crassula Swaziensis Houseplant - The 'Money Maker'

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The Crassula Swaziensis is an easy to grow succulent native to South Africa. Refereed to as the Jade Plant or 'money maker' in Feng Shui practices, when positioned in the southeast it's said to bring good luck and prosperity into your life. These succulents are usually started from division or leaf cuttings, so it is the perfect plant to propagate and share the good luck with your loved ones.

The small size lets you really experience plant parenthood, watching your baby plant to grow and thrive in time.

Why We Love It

  • The perfect succulent for beginners
  • Owning a small plant allows you to really experience plant parenthood, nurturing your plantlet into a big, beautiful adult plant
  • Evergreen, easy to grow and infrequent watering 
  • Tolerant to some neglect and low light conditions making it hard to kill
  • Requires warm environment 
  • According to Feng Shui practices, display in windows, entrance ways or southeast locations to invite good luck and prosperity into your home.
  • Small in size, your plant will be about 12.5cm tall and will be in its grow pot of 6cm wide
  • Features unique, small obovate leaves that are glossy in appearance
  • Most will only grow to around 50-130 cm maximum height, but will tolerate bonsai style pruning

How to Water

As with most succulents, your Crassula Swaziensis will require moderate watering throughout the year. Check your soil regularly to ensure it is dry to touch before your next watering. You'll notice it will need less frequent watering during the colder winter months when water takes longer to evaporate.

Light and Soil Conditions

The Crassula Swaziensis will prefer a warm and light location in your home, however, known as a hard to kill variety of succulent, it can deal with low-light areas, making it a wonderful plant to add colour to dark corners. It'll likely need potting on every 3-5 years. 

Seasonal Information 

This evergreen succulent will give you vibrant year round colour.


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