How to Care For Your Fire Pit and Keep Yourself Cosy All Year Round

With the night’s drawing in and the temperatures dropping, you will be thinking about how to extend the time you can spend in the garden. The crisp chill in the air means its the perfect time to add a fire pit to your garden to share quality time with family and friends.

But how do you take care of it to ensure it looks and works great for many seasons to come? Read our guide to maintaining and caring for your firepit which is key to ensuring it has a long-lasting life, so you can use it all year round.

Steel Fire Pit


Tools You Will Need For Your Firepit

  • Metal Poker
  • A scooping tool to remove ash and debris
  • Hose
  • Cleaning wire grill brush
  • Steel wool
  • Dry cloth
  • A protective cover to use when the fire pit is not in use

How to Remove Ash From Your Firepit

Firstly, wait until the heat has died down completely and use your scoop to remove all the ash debris that you have been burning in your firepit. Never try to clean the firepit when the ashes or fire pit are hot and never dispose of hot ashes.

Ash and other debris will retain water and this can make it abrasive to your steel fire pit. Scoop the ashes out day after use into a wheelbarrow or metal carrying receptacle. Douse with water to ensure the debris has completely smouldered and gone out. You can then add this to your compost heap or garden. Ashes contain potash so use in your beds or containers to feed your plants.

How Do I Clean My Steel or Cast Iron Fire Pit?

Our range of Gardenesque firepits are very durable and easy to maintain.

To clean a steel firepit such as our Hoole Steel Fire Pit Bowl With Mesh Lid & Cooking Grill, ensure the ash and debris is scooped and removed from the bowl. Gently Spray the firepit with a hose, and lightly brush with a soap and water solution. Don’t worry, you cannot do any damage to it by using a wire brush on it, it will just add to the patina. The brush will remove the fine layer of oxidising metal and leave a shiny smooth finish.

Cast Iron Fire Pit

Once you have completed cleaning your firepit, turn the bowl upside-down and allow it to air dry in your garden.

If you use your fire pit for cooking, like Our Hoole Penzance Square Steel Fire Pit With Lid & Poker, clean the grate with a wire grill brush to remove any stubborn food and stop it hardening you’re your grate. A top tip is to cover in cooking oil as this loosens the food and discourages rust and corrosion.


Cast iron firepits are slightly different, Gardenesque’s Hoole Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl With Legs comes in three sizes and will age beautifully in time with natural top layer of rust. We recommend you remove ash and soot from the bowl before gently scrub the bowl with steel wool. Rinse, and dry with a soft cloth.

Repton Corner Wooden Garden Furniture Set and Fire Pit

Covering Your Firepit

As with all garden furniture, we recommend that you don’t leave your fire pit exposed to the elements over the colder months and when not in use. A waterproof cover will not only extend the longevity of your fire pit but also saves you time and money.

The most common, practical, and cost-effective covers for your firepit are made from vinyl fabric. We recommend full length fire pit covers for our range as they are cast from metal. These are great to prevent the legs free from rust and insects, whilst offering excellent water resistance.

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