Wakehurst Outdoor Fireplace with Wood Storage - Rustic Steel Finish

£499.99 GBP

About the Wakehurst Outdoor Fireplace with Wood Storage

Part of our Wakehurst collection, this beautiful, outdoor wood burning fireplace is perfect for warming up at a family dinner or for a romantic evening of stargazing. Its unique rust finish gives it a vintage vibe that will be a statement piece in any garden. A lower shelf for storing logs adds a rustic charm that blends in perfectly with nature.

Why we love it

  • Made from steel, designed to provide excellent heat radiance
  • Conveniently store logs in the bottom compartment of the fireplace 
  • The metal grate and chimney encourages airflow to allow the logs to burn effectively
  • A fully enclosed wood-burning outdoor fireplace that has an elegant rust finish
  • Easy to assemble; full instructions are included
  • Fast and free delivery from our Cotswolds warehouse

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Specifications and Care

 Width Height Depth Weight
50.5cm 151cm 50.5cm 46.5kg

To clean your fireplace, wash the grill in warm soapy water with a brush or sponge. Do not use oven cleaner or any harsh cleaning agents.

We recommend storing in a dry, frost-free area when not in use. Over time, the fireplace will rust, which is completely normal and adds to the traditional fireplace charm.

The fireplace should be placed outdoors on a level and fireproof surface such as stone, sand or gravel. For outdoor use only.


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Customer Reviews

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Jill Dodd
A perfect addition

As I always get cold sitting outside in the evening, we were looking for something quite substantial to give off plenty of heat, without the smell of smoke on our clothes. This is perfect. It’s big enough that it keeps everyone sitting around it warm and the chimney ensures the smoke goes straight up without any smell.

As it’s been mentioned, the rust is rusty and after a small incident with our porcelain tiles, it now sits on a movable ‘ledge’, so take care when ordering this colour. Also, the door knob becomes incredibly hot, which causes my husband a problem when he’s adding logs, any recommendation as to how we combat that would be welcome.

Overall, a more pricey wood burner that is definitely worth its money! Looks beautiful and keeps everyone warm.

Simon Newton
Excellent stove-style outdoor fireplace

This is a substantial, impressive and good looking outdoor fireplace. It's got a really big grate and firebox - so big that you could probably get a hot enough fire to melt the fireplace if you loaded it to the max! If you've got large hardwood logs then they'll fit no problem. We use pini kay heat logs in ours which give off a great deal of heat with no smoke and get things warm quickly, then add hardwood logs to extend the burn time.

It's made of steel which is thick enough to feel sturdy and solid, but thin enough that it heats up quite quickly and radiates warmth from all sides.

When I saw that it was a completely "flat-pack" construction I was a bit concerned about putting it together, but I needn't have been. Each piece has been drilled very accurately, meaning that everything bolted together fairly easily. Once it's built it sits perfectly level (no annoying "short leg" issues here) and its substantial weight means you'll want to build it in situ and pretty much treat it as staying put as it takes two people to lift it and dragging it would definitely damage the surface you've put it on.

While the best place is obviously right in front of the fire so you can appreciate the flames, if you get a good roaring burn going the whole firebox soon warms up and radiates warmth, which means people can pull up a chair to any of the other three sides and feel a nice radiant heat.

The rust finish is indeed rusty! You want to be careful brushing against it if you're wearing any light-coloured clothing! But it looks really good, and like it's been in the garden for years.

Expensive? Yes. Value? Absolutely. This is very well designed, well fabricated and looks fabulous. It should last for many years and is so much warmer than an open firepit.

Hi Simon,

Thank you so much for your very detailed review. We are so pleased that you are happy with your new outdoor fireplace and we hope you enjoy many evenings gathered around the firepit.

Thanks again for shopping at Gardenesque.

Phill R.
Big Metal Beauty

What a beauty! Much more of an imposing statement than I was expecting. I am 6ft and it comes up to my chin.
The fire chamber is a really good size so you can use decent logs.
This isn't a negative but it comes flat packed and needs a few screws to put it together, rather simple takes less than an hour, faster if you use an electric screwdriver and have a helper but I built by myself. (buy come rubber gloves, its nice and rusty :) ) .

Hi Phill,

What a great review! We are so pleased you are loving your new firepit and we hope you enjoy many warm evenings around it.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Kind regards,