Choosing the right fence panel for your garden

Choosing the right fence panel for your outdoor space

Fence panels are ideal for homeowner’s who want to add an instant contemporary, but practical design statement to their outdoor space.

There are so many factors to consider when choosing the right fencing for your garden, from how you use your garden to the style you like. It is important to think about exactly what function you would like your fencing to perform before choosing. Read our guide to find out how to choose the right fence panel for you.

What material?

In line with current trends for sustainability in gardens, our Gardenesque fence panels are both eco-friendly and highly durable. The hardwood slats that form the backbone of the panels are made from dried timber to prevent the fence panels from rotting and changing shape caused by humidity changes.

Our fencing panels are also coated in a hard varnish for maximum protection, will not fade in UV rays and built with rust-resistant screws, pins and nails.


The right fence panel can provide stunning focal points for gardens, borders and driveways. All our designs are Lap Panels which is a popular option among many homeowners because of its strength, privacy, versatility and classic appearance.

Decorative fencing such as our 5.9 Foot Decorative Lattice Fence Panels are perfect for creating a boundary in your garden, training plants up or dividing up your garden space into different areas.

The attractive open lattice design allows plenty of light into your garden while still screening from your neighbours. Owners can ramp-up the wow factor of their fence panels with uplighters or downlighters that add a new dimension to the garden after dark.


Not only do our fencing panels provide stunning focal points for your gardens, borders and driveways, they also provide privacy by shielding gardens from overlooking properties or neighbours

They don’t have to be used as just boundaries either, our fence panels can be used to screen-off unsightly areas of gardens – from disguising wheelie bins, compost heaps, water butts and sheds to hiding eyesores such as storage areas and air conditioning units.

Our 5.9 Foot Garden Slatted Fence Panels provide a contemporary aesthetic and can elegantly hide certain things in our gardens that we don’t necessarily want on show.


Our fence panels when installed, can bring peace of mind that your garden is safe and secure. By also installing a garden gate, this helps to ensure that your fencing is effective in keeping children in and unwanted visitors out.

Strong, tall fencing is one of the biggest deterrents for your garden or yard when it comes to opportunistic visitors. It’s usually advised that a 2 metre fence panel installed in the back garden will help keep your home secure, such as our 6.3 Foot Arched Lattice Fence Panels.

We recommend using fencing with trellising as it will rarely be able to support a human’s weight. Growing thorny climbing plants such as roses, pyracantha or blackthorn to the top your trellis fencing will further enhance security measures.


Fencing also helps to windproof your garden and shelter your plants and garden furniture from any strong gusts. Fences with slatted panels are the ideal choice for windy areas as the gaps between the slats allow wind through, reducing resistance and improving longevity of the structure.

Our fence panels also offers shade protection for tender plants and shrubs, as well as working well in modern homes.

Pets and Wildlife

Keeping pets contained safely in your garden is a must. Our range of panels are robust enough to prevent your pets, especially smaller ones such as rabbits and guinea pigs from escaping.

Some animals are likely to try and dig under fences so make sure your fence posts and baseboards are sturdy and strengthened. And when selecting the material and height, if you are a dog owner, you will need to consider your dog’s size and its jumping ability.

Another good way to prevent an escape to freedom is to keep pets away from your fence panels to start with. This can be done with natural barriers like hedging, shrubs or a row of containers.

Whether you're looking for garden fencing for functionality and visual appeal, we have a great range of fence panels at Gardenesque to enhance your outdoor space.

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