Create a winter wonderland in your garden for Christmas and New Year

With this year’s Christmas and New Year celebrations set to be like no other, households will be looking to still capture the magical, festive feeling despite ongoing restrictions.  Throughout lockdown, gardening has really been helping people with their mental health. Back in the summer everyone was obsessed with their gardens, providing a safe haven and retreat and this looks set to still be the case this Christmas and New Year with socialising most likely to happen outside for many people.

So how can you create a cosy ambience for your small gathering that will capture the essence of the festive period?  Gardenesque takes a look:


A warm welcome this Christmas

As the temperature drops and daylight gets shorter as we approach the big day, your guests may feel less inclined to go outside. Keeping family warm will be as much of a priority as providing Christmas dinner or telling a cracker joke.

Relax with a crackling fire on a cold winter evening and create a vibrant space for entertaining with our range of firepits and fireplaces.   As the sun goes down, there's nothing better than to relax and unwind watching the flames flickering.  In fact, the longer people sit in front of a roaring fire, the greater the relaxing effect it has on them by reducing blood pressure.

Patio heaters will keep you warm and toasty at night, as well as being a great ornamental and elegant feature in your garden.  Even when there is a nip or even chill in the air, you can enjoy relaxed dining and festive drinks for longer.

If you want dine al-fresco and cook for your guests outside, you could even fire up the grill and have a New Year's Eve BBQ, for a unique dining experience.


Christmas styling your furniture

Complement your outdoor heating by styling your garden furniture to see in the New Year. A Yuletide table is a great opportunity to create a wonderful display for your guests and inject a festive atmosphere to proceedings.  Build on existing elements of your home and decorations you already own and bring your interior outdoors.  

Maybe try a Scandi style with neutral, natural shades and materials to perfect the look, or recreate the traditional magic of the period with throws in red, green and white to give your garden a cosy and homely look and create a perfect space for holiday festivities.

Create a centrepiece for your festive table by embracing nature and using what you can find in your own garden. Holly leaves, pine cones or other festive foliage such as ivy, fir or eucalyptus can be used to create a natural garland that will run the full length of your table, either on top of or in place of a table runner.  Alternatively, use the foliage to create a wreath that can be the focal point as you dine and add glowing centrepieces with old bottles with candles or string lights to add some sparkle to your table.


Festive Foliage

Making a wreath is so easy, and is such a lovely tradition.  Giving a festive feel to your table and paired with matching doorway decorations, all you need is evergreen branches like spruce, pine and eucalyptus, pine cones, berries and dried fruit.

Simple foliage additions can elevate the seasonal feeling of your garden.  Pot grown Christmas trees will enlighten your garden with spirit and make a statement as a doorstep or patio planter in pairs.  Decorate as you would to create a magical focal point and evoke the wonderful scent that is synonymous with this time of year.

Most of us think that colourful outdoor planters are only possible in spring and summer, however you can still decorate your garden with impressive winter container displays. Plants such as conifers (pine, cedar, spruce) and evergreen trees and shrubs such as magnolia, eucalyptus, boxwood, holly and ivy can be paired with a splash of colour, with pyracantha or cotoneaster berries and bright coloured stems like dogwood.


Light it up

We love the idea of hanging baubles, fairy lights and lanterns from the trees above when entertaining friends. Stringing up festive lights and other outdoor  decorations goes some way to creating a winter wonderland ambience for your celebrations.

Solar lights look spectacular when strung on different garden structures and features that you might have in your garden. Think pergolas, arches, obelisks, trees, even around your shed roof. The varying heights will create interest, depth and a starry look, transforming your garden into the perfect festive scene.

Traditional style fairy lights or solar lights are perfect for adding the twinkle factor to your display and will thrill when placed around a bush, trees, containers, hanging baskets or even along pathways and steps.  You can also add a magical festive glow with lanterns over a patio, creating an enchanting sight for your guests.


There’s plenty of time to start if you haven’t already, and with these great Christmas styling and decorating ideas. Tag us with #gardenesquegarden to show us your winter wonderland ideas.

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