Discover the Classics: Our Timeless Repton Collection

Our Repton Collection is our best-selling Garden Furniture range at Gardenesque, and for good reason. The Collection itself was designed to be a high-quality, timeless collection that accentuates the natural beauty of your garden with it's subdued tones. 

There are a number of pieces that make up the Repton collection, from Corner Sofa Sets, to Dining Sets and Benches. It's available in both a Grey Eucalyptus finish and a Teak finish - both versions comprised of beautifully finished FSC Sustainable wood.

Read on to see why the Repton Collection proves to be one of our best sellers time again, and explore which pieces would fit beautifully within your garden.

Repton Lounge Sets

Available in both the Grey Eucalyptus and Teak finishes, our Repton Lounge sets are comprised of a two seater sofa, two arm chairs and a coffee table. It's the perfect set for spending relaxed time with friends and family in the garden, due to its low and partially reclined seating postition. 

The two sets come complete with their own set of tonal cushions to complement the tone of the wood. It's our most popular Repton set, and is accompanied with many five star reviews from our Customers who love the relaxed, yet classic trends this brings into their garden.

Repton Eucalyptus Lounge Set, £1499

Repton Eucalyptus Teak Set, £1499

Repton Eucalyptus Lounge Set

Repton Corner Sets

The Corner incarnation of our Repton Lounge set brings the Repton Corner Set. Available again in both the stunning Eucalyptus Grey and Teak tones, the Corner set is the ultimate choice for someone who prefers hosting to their friends and family. Comfortably seating 4-6 people, the Corner set looks great in a larger garden or patio space.

The Corner sets come wonderfully cushioned, with 80cm deep seating which makes it a luxuriously comfortable choice. The corner sofa comes flat packed, and is incredibly easy to assemble in your garden.

Repton Eucalyptus Corner Sofa Set, £1799

Repton Teak Corner Sofa Set, £1799

Repton Dining Sets

When it comes to dining, there are 4 beautiful options to choose from with the Repton Collection. We offer a four seater bistro set, and a two seater bistro set - both sets available in both Eucalyptus and Teak finishes.

Both versions of the Dining sets are perfect for an al fresco breakfast in the garden. Both the tables and chairs fold down, for easy storage when not in use, and are made from decay-resistant wood, as is the entire Repton Collection.

The neutral tones of both the Eucalyptus and Teak finish mean that you can tablescape to your hearts content with many different colour pallettes, perfect for all seasons in the garden.

Repton Eucalyptus 4 Seater Bistro Set

Repton Eucalyptus 4 Seater Bistro Set, £499.99

Repton Teak 4 Seater Bistro Set, £499.99

Repton Eucalyptus 2 Seater Bistro Set, £349.99

Repton Teak 2 Seater Bistro Set, £349.99

Repton Benches

Have a smaller space, or a need a little extra seating? We have plenty of benches in our Repton Collection that match perfectly with our other furniture.

Our bestselling bench is our Repton Queen Bench. Available in Eucalyptus Grey only, it's beautifully designed in a classic style that fits wonderfully into any garden. The perfect size for two people, the Queen Bench will never go out of style and with proper care will look gorgeous for years to come. It's shape and size also means it makes a perfect memorial bench, as there is plenty of space for a plaque if you did wish to have one engraved.

If you're after a Teak alternative, we do have our two seater Teak Garden Bench. More rectangular in it's styling, the 2 seater Teak bench is a beautiful sturdy bench that looks great in any space. The 2 seater Teak does also come in the Eucalyptus Grey.

If you require a little bit of a larger bench, we do have a three seater Repton Eucalyptus bench, which is great for a larger space, or more company! 

Repton Queen Bench, £199.99

Repton Teak 2 Seater Bench, £199.99

Repton Eucalyptus 2 Seater Bench, £199.99

Repton Eucalyptus 3 Seater Bench, £279.99

View our entire Repton Collection here and find the perfect pieces for your garden this summer.


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