How to choose the best firepit

Fire pits are the latest on trend piece of outdoor furniture. They provide a cosy warmth on cool evenings, but can also act as focal points during social gatherings. If you're considering investing in a fire pit, you may be overwhelmed by all of the choices on the market today. Our range of fire pits come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and different materials, so how do you choose the best firepit for your garden?

Cast iron vs steel

When choosing your fire pit, the material from which it is constructed is an important factor for many – which is best, cast iron or steel?

Both of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages which we will explore to choose the best fire pit for you.

Cast iron fire pits

Cast iron is sometimes seen as the superior choice for fire pits due to its heat retaining properties and durability, allowing you to create a lot more heat by burning either wood or coal. As cast iron is a thicker and denser metal, it takes longer to heat up than steel but holds the heat for longer. Cast iron has a carbon content greater than steel and is able to withstand harsh weather with minimal maintenance.

An important factor in choosing between a cast iron or stainless-steel fire pit is its position outdoors. Cast iron is substantially heavier than steel so once in place, it can be harder to move resulting in a permanent location in your garden.

Also, cast iron tends to take on a more industrial look and during the moulding process, it is easy to cast patterns and designs making them more ornate, as well as aging better. Cast iron wood burners were popular in yesteryear and bring a sense of classic heritage with them.

Our popular Hoole Cast Iron Fire Pit with its stylish, matt black colour will blend into any scheme, whilst being built to last and will age and rust beautifully over time.

Steel fire pits

Steel fire pits are just as good as cast iron fire pits and have the advantage of heating up quicker and emitting the same level of warmth. However, due to steel being thinner than iron, steel fire pits can lose heat quicker after the fire dies down.

A benefit of steel fire pits is that they are more lightweight and therefore more portable around your garden. They also more contemporary look to them, smoother lines and sleek silhouettes can be welded easily making them perfect for modern gardens.

Our on trend designs include the stylish and timeless Hoole Cesta Steel Fire Basket, as well as the show stopping Wakehurst Outdoor Fireplace With Wood Storage which instantly elevates the look of your garden patio.

Steel also has a long lifespan, needs minimal maintenance and designed to stay outdoors throughout the year. The more you use your steel fire pit, the more beautiful it becomes as it will naturally age and develop a mature patina effect.

From reading our guide, you can see that when choosing between a cast iron or steel fire pit, there is no one option better than the other. Whilst there is a slight difference in design and heat retention, there is no reason to rule out either material and both will act as a delightful centrepiece in your garden.

Our stunning collection includes cast iron and steel fire pit bowls, fire baskets, and fireplaces. Choose the best firepit for you from the Gardenesque range.

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