Large Plant Pot For Trees: The Must Know Facts About Container Gardening!

Large Plant Pot For Trees: The Must Know Facts About Container Gardening!

Why Container Gardening?

If you want to increase the appeal of your home, the outdoor planter is your perfect choice for creating beautiful container gardens for your patio, rooftops, front porch or any outdoor space. A large tree plant pot allows for flexibility and creativity when you are designing a garden, matching to the external environment of your home.

The health and attractiveness of your garden are dependent upon a number of variable factors such as selection of plants and flowers, climates, care and maintenance and most importantly, the plant pots.

What is Container Gardening?

Also known as “Pot Gardening,” it is the practice of growing flower plants and fruit plants, exclusively in containers or pots, instead of the traditional practice of growing on the ground. The containers may be very small or large and in the form of a flower pot, window boxes, plastic cups, or large terracotta plant pots, perfect for planting trees.

If you have constraints of growing space, container gardening will be your best option. You can also adopt it for urban horticulture on balconies of apartments or condominiums where you have no access to the ground for the traditional gardening.


You can have container gardening for ornamental and decorative flowers or creepers, foliages, with decorative leaves, herbs, vegetables, and small trees, seasonal and perennial plants. You get the following advantages.

  • Elimination of weed problems
  • Overcoming space constraints
  • Less risk of soil-borne diseases
  • The mobility of plants provides, monitoring exposure to sunlight, moisture, and temperature
  • Enabling Do It Yourself (DIY) process and less labour cost


Planting in containers depends upon various factors such as; the kinds of the plants, their expected lives, rooting behaviour, locations to be placed, watering facilities, the frequency of changing locations, climate and sunlight. Take care to see that the potting material is loose and allows proper drainage of extra water through a small outlet provided at the bottom of the container. This will ensure proper aeration for roots for breathing and for preventing root rotting.

Repotting is the work of placing an already potted plant into a larger pot. You can use extra large garden pots to change the plant every year because, with time, plants become” root-bound “or “pot-bound.” If you are an experienced gardener, you probably know that the roots of plants can sense their surroundings, particularly, the size of the pot or container. If you increase the size of the pots, the pots will increase proportionately. Why not take a look at our biggest plant pot? The Extra Large Ancient Salt Glaze Planter is available in three sizes with the largest pot being 93cm wide, ideal for planting trees.

Sizes of Containers

Compared to small containers, plants grow easily in large containers because the larger pots hold more soil, keep the moisture longer and prevent the plants to be affected by rapid temperature fluctuations. By increasing the overall dimension of a pot (width x length x height), the volume will increase and will hold more soil.

This will provide more nutrients and retention and delivery of water to your plants. You don’t have to water too frequently.

While choosing the size of your container, consider the root system of the plant, whether annual, perennial or shrub and how rapidly it grows. You should select extra large garden pots for a mixed planting that will provide enough roots for all the plants intended to be grown on the container.

Multi-Colour Pots for different Locations

Opt for light-coloured containers because they keep the soil cooler, compared to the dark ones. A pair of containers with matching colours on either side of the front walks ensures a welcoming decoration. You can place coloured pots on ground or pedestal, mount them on windowsills.

You can arrange groups of pots, both small and large on stairways or terraces or can use single large containers for outdoor decoration. Pick your favourite plants like hen-n-chicks, evergreens, herbs like chives, basil or thyme, annuals, dwarf or perennials.

Gardenesque Movement

As an innovative approach to container gardening, John Claudius Loudon coined the term Gardenesque. The movement aims at creating more vivid, artful and exotic gardens for infusing detail beauty in urban and suburban environments. The Gardenesque online shop is based in the heart of the Cotswolds. The Loudon collection of pots and planters are made from the most adaptable and durable raw materials. The garden-ware products are adorned with style and practicability and are designed to magnify and accentuate the natural beauty of any outdoor space

For meeting to the needs of and the size and location of your gardens, the garden-ware products provide functional compliments to all gardens. You can adorn your container garden with these planters and pots offer 3 Key Values Showcasing, Discovery and Naturalism

When it comes to selecting a large plant pot for trees, or anything else on the larger side we recommend two of our products:

  1. Loudon Classical Planters

They come in 4 different sizes, each having four different colours. Thus, you get a total of 16 containers under this category.

Sizes in Diameters: 19cm, 24cm, 30cm and 38cm. Although if you are looking for a large plant pot for trees we recommend the 38cm.

Colour: Artichoke Green, Oxford Blue, Topiary Green and Smoke White

Each variety is simple, beautifully detailed with a classical reference; hand-crafted from the best quality raw materials; subtly contrasted with a selection of different glazes. Moreover, they are frost-proof and hardwearing and are the perfect vessel, both for outdoor and indoor use.

Dimension, Weight & Prices (At the time of writing)

  1. 19cm: 19cm height x 19cm width x 19cm length; Weight 2.2 kg; Price £14.99 GBP
  2. 24cm: 23cm height x 24cm width x 24cm length; Weight 3.2 kg; Price £25.99 GBP
  3. 30cm: 29cm height x 30cm width x 30cm length; Weight 6.0 kg; Price £37.99 GBP
  4. 38cm: 36cm height x 38cm width x 38cm length; Weight 10.6 kg; Price £49.99 GBP

Claudius Terracotta Garden Pot

With a classic, more traditional look, these pots are also frost proof and last the test of time and are heavy in weight.

They come in 3 sizes:

  1. Diameter 36cm, 29cm height x 36cm width x 36cm length and Weight 7.2kg; Price £44.99 GBP
  2. Diameter 48cm, 39cm height x 48cm width x 48cm length and Wight 15.6 kg; Price £69.99 GBP
  3. Diameter 63cm; 53cm height x 63cm width x 63cm length and Weight 32.0 kg £89.99 GBP

Enquires -

Bring the Gardenseque concept to your home, by buying the large plant pot for trees and have a new gardening experience at home.

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