Solar styling: How to elevate your garden at night!

Watch your garden come to life when dusk starts to fall. There's so much still to enjoy, and Spring is the ideal time to start planning your space to make the most of the ever lightening evenings. When the sun goes down, it makes way for night scented flowers to bloom, such as Hesperis, Honeysuckle and Night Ntocks (which are all suitable for spring sowing) and the cosy ambience of a fire pit of fire place in a well styled evening garden helps heighten feelings of relaxation and comfort. Learn how to add warmth to your outdoor space using our solar light styling tips below.

Which solar lights are best for your garden?

Lanterns and solar lianterns

Solar lighting can really enhance your garden or outdoor space, giving it a wonderful, cosy ambience as well as practical illumination for important areas that need a lift. We invest a lot of time and money into our gardens, so why limit the enjoyment to just daylight hours, when you can extend your gatherings into the night?

When it comes to which light to choose for your outdoor lighting scheme, there are plenty of different styles of solar lighting to consider. Find out below which are the best solar lights for the garden.


Make your garden space extra special and give it a festival festoon feel with our high quality String Lights, which can be hung around garden structures or strung up in the trees. Lit trees can transform the atmosphere of any garden, with height and spread, and these solar powered lights make an excellent focal point for your night time get-togethers.

If you fancy a rustic chic accent for your garden or backyard, our Warm White Solar Lantern String Lights will add a bucolic lift and a soft glow, extending your evenings. These will create an enchanted forest feel, adding style and magic when hanging over eating areas or patios to light up socialising spaces.

Another on trend look is to combine string lights with accents from nature. Our Bee Solar Lights against a classic wooden fence will only enhance the natural beauty of your garden, and are perfect for your intimate gatherings when the sun goes down.

Solar Garden Decor


Illumination brings any garden to life by night by interacting with plants, changing the look and mood after dark. Wrap string lights round trees for a truly immersive display, using our Solar String Lights. Alternatively, for a more decorative look our White Solar Bulb Garden String Lights can shine a light on your evening garden, picking out features and can be angled up or down to create gorgeous light displays.

Gardenesque string lights

Curtain Lights are ideal for illuminating doorways, or lighting up a drab wall during an alfresco dinner. Our Warm White Solar Curtain Lights can be used to hang against your garden fence whilst the Solar Fairy Lights are an eco-friendly way to enlighten your outdoor space.

Illuminate small corners of your garden with a Solar Garden Mirror. Not only will the mirror reflect your garden making the space look bigger during the day, but the solar backlight will bring light and a feeling of space as night falls.



Lanterns and solar lanterns add a decorative, ambient glow to any space, and the freedom of placing them to create a different looks or emphasis new areas of the garden make them a versatile addition to any garden space.


Our growing range of stake lights are ready to be inserted into beds or lawns and look great alongside driveways or pathways to draw attention, frame and make navigating at night a little easier. The LED Garden Solar Rock Lights are traditionally styled and shine bright like a diamond in the night, and can blend seamlessly into borders or on patios for illumination. Why not style by framing a walkway and making them natural path lights?

The modern and contemporary Small Garden Solar Post Lights not only make the outside of your home look sleek but make for ideal security lights, whilst the LED Garden Pathway Solar Light will complement any garden whether being used for landscape lighting or as a great way to welcome you and friends home by framing the main walkways around the home.

Set the mood

For a garden with a real sparkle, our LED Starburst Solar Stake Light is perfect for celebrations. Cluster together for a real party feel, whether it be for a birthday or New Year celebration. This showstopper will stand tall within your flowerbeds, pathway or borders and will create a talking point at your next garden party!

Why not add colour to your gathering by adding our USB Solar Outdoor Mood Light around your garden to create a fun and vibrant ambience that is ideal for entertaining? Set the tone with 12 different colours including pink, orange, blue, warm white and more, all controlled remotely and charged via USB.

How to look after your solar lights

Solar lighting isn't just environmentally friendly, but easy to maintain too. Our range of lights are fully waterproof but require sunlight to function, so you’ll also want to place them in a position where they will receive the maximum amount of direct sunlight each day.

When your solar lights first arrive, make sure you place them in a sunny spot so it can charge fully during the daytime. They will need approximately 12 hours for a full charge.

Clean solar panels are more efficient at converting light energy into electricity. Keep the solar panel clean by wiping it gently with soapy water and a damp, non-abrasive cloth. If you let your solar panel get dirty, the light won't be able to charge fully and will emit a duller glow. We recommend you do this on a cooler part of the day, in the morning or evening.

Pay particular attention to the metal stakes too and clean regularly, to help extend their life and maintain their visual appeal. It is also important to check the batteries in your solar light regularly, especially after frequent rainfall. If you notice a white powder on the metal surface, that is a sign of battery corrosion. Try to brush off and make sure the battery compartment is clean before replacing to ensure longer life.

With these useful tips, you will be able to provide proper care and maintain your solar lights, turning your garden into an enlightening space.

Browse our full solar lights collection for more garden illumination ideas.

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