The benefits of self-watering planters

If you're often away from home, working a hectic schedule, on holiday or simply forgetful about the daily plant watering routine, a self-watering planter is just the solution.

With the warmer weather incoming, your container plants could be at risk from drying out rapidly during dry spells and this is where self-watering planters are a game-changer.

Our brand-new range comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, can be used both indoors and out and are made from recycled plastic and making them great eco-friendly plant pots.

How do they work?

Our self-watering planters are made up of two parts – an pot that holds the plant and soil and a removeable tray that sits in the bottom. The tray has small holes in so the water can drain down into the pot’s reservoir at the bottom. The reservoir is separated from the planter’s main body by a reservoir platform with channels. Water moves up from the reservoir through the channels to the main body of the planter when the soil is dry.

The Benefits


Self-watering pots have become popular these days due to the effectiveness and convenience they offer to gardeners. We all live busy lives and sometimes we can’t commit to watering our plants consistently.

If you are away from home a lot or a novice gardener, self-watering planters will help you to grow a wider range of plants easily and successfully. Depending on the size of the plant, the pot you choose and its self-watering tray, you may be able to go a week or two between watering, turning what can be a daily chore into a weekly task.

When choosing a self-watering planter, you can relax knowing that your plants are looking after themselves.

For urban homes with little or no outdoor space, finding a location where you can easily water plants can be daunting. Now, you can grow flowers, vegetables, herbs and succulents on your tabletop, windowsill, balcony or concrete backyard. They are also are lightweight and won't fade in the sun or crack in frost.

Plant Health

Self-watering planters can benefit the plants themselves. When planted in a normal container, the excess water drains out of the hole at the bottom, washing away the nutrients in the soil also. This then needs to be added with organic manure or a feed for a plant to thrive.

With self-watering planters, the closed system keeps the nutrients within the actual container itself. They also allow for consistent watering without the danger of water stagnation or root rotting. Our planters keeps the water separate from the roots and soil, watering only when needed. A plant grown in a self-watering pot gets a constant supply of moisture allowing the plant to grow continuously.

Self-watering planters help protect plants against wind and temperature spikes outdoors which might cause them to dry out too quickly between your watering routine.


Our planters are made from recycled plastic and help to minimise the amount of water wasted. Instead, excess water is kept in the planter’s reservoir and can be released into the soil when needed. That means that the overall amount of water you need to use for a self-watering plant system is significantly lower than for a traditional pot.

Made in Italy from recycled materials, our self-watering planters can be 100% recycled once again at the end of their lifecycle.

What to plant

Perennial and evergreen plants like buxus, hostas and Japanese irises, as well as annuals like lobelia will thrive in self-watering planters as they require regular moisture. Due to their size and spread, they will require large-sized pots so our Roma Recycled Plastic Self-Watering Plant Pot is ideal for their variegated foliage and trailing blooms.

If it’s colour that you are after, try planting coleus in one of self-watering planters. Known for their showstopping blend of colour combinations and leaf forms, their bright hues, vigorous growth and huge variety make them the perfect choice in any container design. Coleus require watering regularly so can be planted in our Turin Recycled Plastic Self-Watering Plant Pot With Saucer making them ideal for the patio or as an indoor plant.

African violets, streptocarpus, impatiens and geraniums love self-watering pots and are available in many colours from white, through pink and red to purple. Due to their compact nature, they are ideal for windowsills or tabletop displays so would suit our Capri Recycled Plastic Self-Watering Planter.

If you are a houseplant enthusiast, then self-watering planters are for you. Peace lilies feature broad, graceful leaves and showy, fragrant white flowers. The popular Monstera plant also loves a large, deep pot with plenty of drainage, whilst Fittonia adds a burst of colour to your home and needs regular watering as it is vulnerable to excessive heat. Our Naples Round Recycled Plastic Self-Watering Plant Pot is the perfect home for most houseplants and removes the ongoing chore of watering in everyday life.

For grow your own fans, everything from cherry tomatoes to herbs and spices, can be at the heart of the home by using self-watering containers. Tomatoes are thirsty plants and their roots dry out in the heat of the summer, without consistent watering. Using a self-watering planter helps moderate that stress and make consistent water available to produce juicy fruits. We recommend trying our Milan Recycled Plastic Self-Watering Trough Planter With Saucer that pulls water up into the growing chamber as needed for the plants.

In the same light, growing vegetables like cilantro, basil, lettuce, radishes, coriander, mint, thyme, Asian greens, chard, parsley, rosemary, spinach, dill and lemongrass is easy with the Paros Recycled Plastic Self-Watering Trough Planter. These large lightweight planters are 50cm long, 17cm wide and 19cm high so can accommodate a number of herbs and spices, as well as being the fit for both kitchen gardens or windowsills.

Here at Gardenesque, you can choose from a selection of stylish self-watering planters which will make your gardening easy and convenient.

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