Caring for Your Water Feature in Winter

Water features are designed to be outside all year round, however in the colder weather and frosts it's important to take a few preventative steps to ensure the feature stays in great condition. 

Once the feature has been turned off, remove any plants, algae and debris from the water feature. If you find any wildlife that was residing in the feature, make sure to carefully relocate it to another area of the garden to minimise any disruption for them! 

Next, make sure to empty the feature of water and remove the pump. 

If your water feature has a transformer, make sure it is elevated and out of water at all times, year round. Please also be aware, the transformer will get hot while in use - this is not a fault of the product.

Once the water feature has been emptied of water, and the pump, bring the pump inside, or store in a warmer environment to ensure it does not freeze.

For extra protection, we recommend covering the feature or bringing it inside a shed, garage or outbuilding.