Fletcher Indoor Plant Pot Cover

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Inspired by nature, our Fletcher Indoor Plant Pot Cover is the perfect canvas for your weird and wonderful plants at home. It's roughly carved detailing mimics the texture of bark, enhancing a natural aesthetic. Available in a range of three sizes, it's the perfect planter for cacti, succulents, small houseplants and specimen plants.

Why we love it

  • Our pots are handmade from high quality conrete
  • Choose from three sizes; the smallest pot comes in a set of 3
  • Free delivery on all orders over £40


Width Height
10cm  10cm
16cm 15cm
21cm 29cm

Please note our pots are handmade, so sizes may vary slightly and the bases aren't always level in the middle. We recommend ordering an indoor pot cover that is at least 1cm bigger than your plants plastic pot. 

This pot does not have a drainage hole.


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