Hoole Enebro Cast Iron Chiminea Log Burner

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About this Cast Iron Chiminea Log Burner

The Hoole Enebro Cast Iron Chiminea Log Burner has been skillfully handcrafted to add tradition and vintage charm to your garden setting. Made from a durable cast iron that radiates heat, enjoy the warmth behind a spark guard metal door. An adjustable air vent helps you regulate the intensity of the flames, keeping you comfortable so you can enjoy being outdoors for longer. It's the perfect addition to a winter garden as it will warm up quickly and gives off a lot of heat.

Why we love it

  • These chimeneas are built to last and will age and rust beautifully over time
  • Made from black cast iron to radiate lots of heat
  • An air vent lets you control the intensity of flames
  • Comes with a mesh spark guard door and metal poker for safe use
  • Finished with a rain lid and flue grill to protect the flue
  • Includes charcoal grill for use with coal fuel (dry logs are also suitable)
  • If you prefer a newer look, the chimeneas can be re-painted
  • Fast and free delivery, directly from our Cotswolds warehouse

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Specifications and care

Width Depth Height
40cm 44cm 86cm


Although this product is weatherproof we do advise you to cover when not in use to keep it in prime condition.

Metal chimeneas surfaces can become very hot in use and will burn the skin if touched. We recommend the use of a chimenea guard when small children are present. Please protect your hands with a fire glove when handling.

This chimenea is made from cast iron, which can get very hot. Therefore, we always recommend standing on a flat, fireproof surface away from bushes, trees and awnings.


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