Ripple Urn Water Feature

£299.99 GBP

Let the soothing sound of water from the Glazed Urn Water Feature transport you to a calming retreat. Watch as water bubbles from the top fountain and ripples it's way down over the urns body. A single LED light illuminates the top fountain so you can enjoy this feature even when the sun goes down. 

The Ripple Urn Water Feature is made from a glazed ceramic, which fits into both classic and modern design schemes. 

A pump flow regulator allows you to control the rate of water bubbling from the top to your desired level. A pump and transformer kit is provided, meaning there is no need for additional plumbing with this self-contained water feature. 

It also comes with a long, 10m cable, giving you more freedom to place it around your garden without the need of complex wiring.  

We always recommend filling your water feature with distilled water to minimize the build up of limescale. 

  • LED Lights: 1
  • Power Cable: 10m 
  • Watts: 7.5
  • Pump: 450AB + pump flow regulator 
  • Liters per hour: 450
  • Height: 66cm
  • Width: 53cm 
  • Depth: 53cm 
  • Warranty: 12 months*
  • Installation: Easy to install with full instruction manual

*Proof of purchase applies and full conditions can be found in the instruction manual.  

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