A Beginners Gardening Journey –benefits of handmade terracotta plant pots

The humble plant pot now comes in many forms, sizes, colours and materials and compliments your plant display to maximum effect. Planters have now become a decorative accessory and an essential part of your outdoor room but with so many on the market, how do you know what the best container is for your plant? The beauty of our handmade terracotta pots is that each one is crafted individually, meaning each one is unique in its own way.

Terracotta is an ideal material for container planting as it is the most natural environmentally friendly material. All of Gardenesque’s terracotta planters are expertly handmade by skilled craftsmen so you receive the upmost and best quality possible. Each has been moulded and nurtured masterfully with its own story to tell in your garden.

Using only the highest quality clay means our containers are unique, and will improve with age, and house plant after plant before being passed down one generation to the next for years to come. They are authentically handcrafted before being traditionally kiln fired. Each planters is then individually embossed with their own design or decorative glaze.

The clay for our pots is fired at very high temperatures, giving them an optimal strength. The higher the firing temperature, the more robust and durable the pot will be to survive years of harsh winters. The high density of the clay, makes the pots frost resistant and allows air to flow through to the roots, whilst retaining moisture due its porous nature. This means our terracotta planters will give your plants the optimum growth conditions they need to thrive and prevent preventing soil disease and root rot.

If you gently tap the pot, the higher the note, the better the quality. In addition, all our Gardenesque pottery is labelled ‘frost-proof’ to ensure it survives harsh weather and better protects your plants. Our terracotta pots also slow down the heat transfer between the soil and the outside environment, avoiding a sudden temperature change that can be harmful to the plant.

There’s something so rustic and charming about naturally worn, aged pottery. Our terracotta pots will display an authentic patina over the time making them each one of a kind. The weathered look on your clay terracotta planters will make your garden take on a beautiful character. And because each one is made both individually, this makes them even more special so no pot will look the same.

Our terracotta is also environment-friendly once finished with, you leave them to decompose back into the soil.

Ready to explore….

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I enjoy you type of pots. I would like to ask if there is any need for a pebble tray when using this type of pot?

hope storey July 20, 2023

Really great Article. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

Terracrafts July 20, 2023

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