Caring for your Garden Furniture

All garden furniture needs some love from time to time to keep it in prime condition for years to come. Whether caring for an outdoor bench that will endure all the elements or your alfresco garden furniture that needs to be stored during the colder months, your furniture will need to be maintained so it's ready for the summer season. 

Here we give you some top tips for caring for our furniture collections

1. Pick the right day

The best time to start cleaning your furniture is a sunny day to make sure your garden furniture is properly dry before using it again. It's also always good to give it a revival before going into storage for extra protection and peace of mind.

2. Brush to remove garden debris

Sweep down furniture with a soft brush to get rid of general garden debris. This is particularly good for natural rattan or woven furniture where remains could get stuck between the weave. We recommend brushing your furniture regularly throughout the year to ensure it looks beautiful for every occasion and to prevent a build up of debris leading to the need for harsher scrubbing.

3. Wipe down with warm, soapy water 

Using a soft cloth and warm, soapy water to give your furniture a gentle wipe down. When cleaning your wooden garden furniture, you don't want to over saturate with water though as this will need to dry fully before going into storage.

Use natural cleaning products not harsh cleaning chemicals as they can lead to discolouration. For iron or aluminium garden furniture, white vinegar is a good aid to clean rust from metal such as nuts, bolts and joins.

4. Wash/wipe your cushion covers clean and store in a safe place inside

The cushion covers on our outdoor furniture are removable for ease of washing. We recommend washing on a delicate cycle to remove any marks, stains or bird droppings that may have occurred over the summer.  Make sure you read the care label inside for full washing and drying instructions as per your furniture set. We recommend storing both the cushions and cushion covers inside during autumn and winter to ensure they stay in best condition and smell fresh for next season. 

5. Treat natural wood with a quality garden furniture treatment 

Our wooden furniture has been pretreated using a coloured wood oil. Rain, such as that we experience in excess through autumn and winter months, can lead to the water proofing wearing off quickly. When the water no longer beads on your furniture set,  treat it with a quality garden furniture treatment such as teak oil to help extend the lifespan of your furniture set.

6. Check for any surface damage and treat before storing

Check for hairline cracks and treat as required with a high quality wood treatment. Cracks are susceptible to the elements and by treating them once small can prevent further damage. Check that the weave is intact on your rattan garden furniture before storing in a shed or garage.

7. If you can't store your set inside, use a waterproof furniture cover

If you can't store your garden furniture sets in a dry space, outbuilding or undercover during the autumn/winter months, we recommend covering it with a waterproof cover. While our outdoor table and chair sets and garden benches do boast rot resistant properties, this will prevent the excessive damp from soaking into the material and shortening the lifespan of your product.

8. Covered products will need regular air circulation

If you do use a cover, be sure to regularly lift and waft the cover to allow air circulation. This will prevent condensation from forming, which can lead to mould and mildew growth on your patio furniture.

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We bought the Paxton garden set. Although we put the cushions away each night we do not put the furniture away. Should we be covering it? Is the rattan able to stand the rain on a daily basis? We will put away in autumn and winter. We bought the covers from you. How waterproof are they. Love the furniture and have been leaving it out uncovered. Please let me know best thing to do. Thank you

Yan MacKay February 21, 2024

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