Preparing your parasol for the winter months ahead

A garden parasol is a must-have for any home. Perfect for summer, it’ll help you entertain friends and family, provide shade from the sun’s rays or rain and ensure you get maximum enjoyment out of your garden.

However, as the weather is turning and our garden is ready to wind down, so does our furniture. We take a look at the best care tips for our new range of garden parasols and how they can be kept in pristine condition for many summers to come.

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Tools you will need

  • A soft brush
  • Warm, soapy water
  • Detergent/washing powder
  • Sponge
  • Hosepipe

How to clean your parasol umbrella

Over time and use throughout the summer months, parasols tend to get dirty and can be susceptible to mildew. However, with some simple care, your parasol can provide enjoyment for many years.

Gardenesque’s new range of cantilever parasols are very easy to clean.

With the parasol in situ, make sure to carefully clear any debris like stones, moss, leaves, and twigs from the top of the umbrella with your brush. It is important to do this, not just in winter, but regularly during use as allowing debris to sit on the umbrella can lead to water pooling, mildew forming, which can lead to fabric damage and tears.

Using a gentle solution of warm, soapy water, work round the diameter of the parasol in order to reach all areas and clean with a sponge. Once you have done this, get out your hose and thoroughly spray down the parasol on both back and front to rinse off the soap and any other debris. For any harder stains, apply some detergent give the areas a thorough scrub.

How to clean your parasol frame and base

Our cantilever garden parasols are designed with an easy-to-use crank and tilt mechanism and the framework will need an occasional clean to prolong its life. Using a clean, damp cloth. Rub down the frame thoroughly to remove any marks.

Our parasols also includes a square base that should be filled with water or sand to secure in place. When preparing your parasol for winter, always remove the water before a cold snap so it freeze, expand and potentially crack the base open.

Storing your garden parasol during winter

Make sure your garden parasol is completely dry before folding down ready for winter. Look for a parasol cover that is made of a vinyl, waterproof fabric which will protect it from protect it from rainwater damage, rust, cold temperatures and dirt. We recommend our garden parasol is stored in a dry and safe environment throughout the winter months or when not in use.

For more winter maintenance advice:

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Hi, we’ve just built our cantilever umberella and it is very wobbly. The main frame is fine but the shade bit wobbles at the slightest breeze. Makes us feel a little seasick! Any ideas?

Mirren brodie July 20, 2023

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