Five Ways A Fire Pit Can Help You Achieve The Ultimate Garden This Year

Now the weather is getting better and summer marches nearer, it’s time to get your garden, yard or patio into shape as you embrace the lighter nights and warmer days. A fire pit is the latest must-have accessory for your garden - here’s five reasons why it provides the perfect finishing touch to your al fresco area.

1 That Summer Festival Look

From Coachella to Glastonbury, you can’t move for impromptu open fires, providing revellers with a heat source to keep warm and a temporary hob to roast some marshmallows or a tin of beans. Installing a fire pit in your garden gives your humble surroundings the ultimate festival feel - and you won’t have to spend an evening out of your own bed.

2 They’re Versatile

You can get a variety of shapes, sizes, coal pits, wood pits, gas pits, from the sunken fire pit to the humble chimenea. There’s something for everyone. You can use them to keep warm, or even to cook your food.  And, even better, it provides a focal point, something to arrange your chairs round as your party strays into the evening.

3 They’re Great For Colder Climes

If your home town resembles Winterfell even on the warmest of days, a fire pit will ensure your back garden is not out of bounds. Providing heat and light, you won’t need to invest in any expensive heat lamps, and a few coals can ensure that your party won’t stop when the sun goes down.

4 Get The Celebrity Look

A fire pit is a must-have for stars of the stage and screen around the world. The likes of Celine Dion, Jane Fonda, George Clooney, and Hilary Swank are all proud fire pit owners. And while your home may not be in Beverley Hills, this latest celebrity garden accessory can spirit you away to somewhere more glamorous and chic.

5 Year-Round Benefits

Once you’ve installed your brand new fire pit, you can enjoy its benefits all year long, giving your outdoor space a new lease of life. The impressive heat the flames give off provide all the warmth you need regardless of the season. Perfect for those winter nights - Halloween, Bonfire night, even a Christmas or New Year toast, your new fire pit will be an ever-present in your life.

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