Get ready for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee - Five accessories for the ultimate summer garden party

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate this historic and intrinsically British moment with your friends and family than in the beautiful outdoors of your outdoor space? The extended bank holiday will celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the throne, the only British monarch other than Queen Victoria to achieve such a feat.

To help you get ready for the most anticipated garden party of the year, here’s our top five picks to transform your outdoor space so it's fit for a Queen with minimal effort.

Sitting comfortably

Come next month, the sun is shining (hopefully) and the weather will be looking perfect for a garden party. When hosting your Jubilee soiree, it’s important to create inviting seating areas where guests can socialise and relax.

Lyndhurst Rocking Chair

Relax and enjoy the long Jubilee weekend with the contemporary Lyndhurst Rocking Chair With Padded Cream Cushions which will make a welcome addition to your garden and will fit in with the nature around you. Use throws in patriotic colours to evoke British sensibility and raise a glass to the Queen.

Royal Shade

With the temperatures set to soar in the coming weeks, a sun shade will be the perfect addition to your Jubilee Garden party to provide shelter and ambience for you and your guests. Our Cream Sun Shade Canopy with Fringing is a stylish way to shelter from the sun’s rays. The canopy, also available in green, is an ideal option to relax alfresco on your own, in the company of your family or with your friends.

For a real picnic vibe during the day, spread blankets and cushions around the garden for people to sit on which will add a sociable touch to your lawn, or even use as a decorative teepee-like tent for children to enjoy playing under.

Great British BBQ

No Jubilee party is complete without some kind of spread, and as soon as the sun starts to shine, the first thought on most people's minds is normally... BBQ!

Kamado BBQ

Create a royal banquet on our Kamado Ceramic Grill Barbecue will bring out the chef in the family and will ensure your party food is grilled to perfection, with your ingredients take on that characteristic smokiness and charring while retaining its own delicious flavour. Also ideal for searing, baking and smoking, the BBQ will give your guests a mouthwatering treat.

Heat it up

The run up to the Jubilee weekend is the perfect time to review your garden design and outdoor décor to see whether there's anything you want to improve to ensure your guests have the best time and make lasting memories.

Hoole Cast Iron Firepit

The UK weather can't always be relied upon to keep your guests comfortable so once it gets dark, our Hoole Cast Iron Fire Pit will help to keep things cosy and provide the perfect place for toasting marshmallows. Available in three sizes, it can accommodate small intimate gatherings or become a central hub around which guests can gather and socialise which is key to creating the perfect atmosphere.

Light up the night

Why not add some solar lights or lanterns around the patio or decking? This will not only create a party atmosphere, but it’ll provide ambient lighting around your party space when the sun goes down. There’s nothing better than our to create a cosy ambience and party vibe after dark. Why not pop some candles inside our Bamboo Globe Lanterns for a mellow and cosy vibe? Watch as they come into their own, creating a sense conversation inducing intimacy.

Bamboo Globe Lantern

Stringing up some Union Jack bunting can liven up your outdoor space, or decorating the tables with centrepieces of red, white and blue cut flowers can help to bring some colour to your guests’ experience.

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