Give your garden shed a much-needed organisational update

As the gardening season kicks in, it’s time to de-clutter your tool shed. As the sun continues to shine, we will all be starting to pull out our metal tools and equipment to get our lawns and patio ready for the summer.

Before we start the planting, weeding and watering, why not spend a weekend organising your shed so you can make the most of your garden storage as possible? We have put together our best tips and shed organisation ideas so you can maximise the seasons.

Organising your shed

The benefits of organising your shed before the key gardening months are huge and will save you a lot of time and stress and allow more time to enjoy your garden.

Garden Tool Shed

A decluttered garden shed allows you to easily find everything and access the tools you need for the job in hand, rather than hunting around. It also will save you time and energy when you don’t have to search for the right equipment and will let you maximise the storage capacity of your

Start by taking everything out of the shed and be ruthless in throwing out the things you can part with or haven’t used in over a year. Sweep your floors to keep dirt and dust to a minimum; clean out cobwebs, and air your shed regularly.

After clearing out all your things now’s the time to clean the walls and floor to make the shed look as good as new. Maybe even add a new coat of paint to the inside and outside to spice it up a little and some colour to your outdoor space.

Maximise your wall space

If floor space is minimal, why not consider investing in shed shelving? If you don’t already have shelves, you can either make some from timber or use metal racking. Organise your shelving to store items that you regularly use like kneeling pads, gloves, twine and other gardening supplies in the middle so they are within easy reach.

Garden Tools

We recommend storing heavy items such as fertilisers, weed killer and other chemicals at floor level and seasonal items should be stored on top shelves.

Other great shed storage ideas include repurposing old furniture like bookcases, cabinets and drawers instead of throwing them away.

Tool storage

To properly organise your shed, you will need a tool rack for spades, rakes, forks, and any long-handled tools. A great addition to your shed wall space is a tool board or tool hangers for handheld items like trowels, bulb planters, secateurs and shears. Our Cast Iron Bird Hook is ideal for this and can be hung from the walls or from the roof or rafters of your garden shed.

Long handled tools such as hoes, spades and rakes can be free standing if you have the space, placed in a corner out of the way to make the most of the space you have.

Glass or plastic jars that you may have in your kitchen can come in handy when organising your shed. Jars of any size can be useful, whether you need to store nails, screws, or fittings and will stack easily on shelving units.

Move the pots outside

If you don’t have any more shed space to spare, why not create a small gardening work area, especially if you’re creating potted plants for a patio or flower borders?

The Potting Bench With Hooks, Drawer & Dry Sink provides a comfortable working space to prepare plants for potting. The worktop height also helps prevent a sore back when gardening so you can spend more time making your garden bloom!

Potting Bench

This potting table is not only decorative but also features storage for garden tools, including a drawer, shelves and side hooks perfect for when your shed is already bursting at the seams and you need more space.


Whilst you are organising a shed, it is also the perfect time of the year to examine whether your gardening equipment is in full working order. Check whether your lawnmower, shears and secateurs are in good condition and blades are sharp by using some oil on the blade and then file the edges to sharpen.

Make it a routine to clean every time you finish using a tool in the garden before hanging back in your shed. Scrape off the worst of the dirt and soil with a stiff brush and then wash the tool thoroughly, before leaving to dry.

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