How to care for your garden furniture through autumn & winter

All garden furniture will need a little love from time to time to keep it in prime condition for years to come, whether caring for an outdoor bench that will endure all the elements or your alfresco garden furniture that needs to be stored during the colder months.

While our garden furniture is made from durable materials that can withstand the UK weather, we still advise covering and maintaining your garden furniture to preserve it though the harsher autumn and winter conditions. This will keep your furniture looking its best for years to come.

Here we give you some top tips for caring for our Paxton Rattan Garden Furniture and Repton Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Furniture collections.

How to care for your garden furniture through autumn and winter

1.  Pick the right day

The best time to maintain your outdoor furniture is early in the autumn season on a dry day before the frost comes in. You'll need a sunny day to make sure your garden furniture is properly dry before going into storage. It's always good to give it a clean and revival before going into storage for extra protection and peace of mind.

2. Brush to remove garden debris

Brush down furniture with a soft hand brush to get rid of general garden debris. This is particularly good for rattan or woven furniture where you often find bits of leaves getting stuck between the weave. We would actually recommend brushing your furniture regularly throughout the season to ensure it looks beautiful for every occasion and to prevent a build up of debris leading to the need for harsher scrubbing.

3. Vacuum loose debris on Rattan furniture to clear tight weaves

After brushing down the natural debris from your rattan furniture, you might find it helpful to run a hoover over the weave to ensure you've picked up loose dirt before washing down. It's also a convenient way to get deep into the seat too.

4. Wipe down with warm, soapy water 

Using a soft sponge and warm, soapy water to give your furniture set a gentle wipe down. You don't want to over saturate the furniture with water though as this will need to dry fully before going into storage.

Use natural cleaning products not harsh cleaning chemicals as they can lead to discolouration.

5. Wash/wipe your cushion covers clean and store in a safe place inside

Our cushion covers are removable for ease of washing. Make sure you read the care label inside for full washing and drying instructions as per your furniture set. We recommend storing both the cushions and cushion covers inside during autumn and winter to ensure they stay in best condition and smelling fresh for next season. 

6. Treat natural wood with a quality garden furniture treatment 

Our tropical Eucalyptus wood furniture has been pre-treated using a coloured wood oil. Rain, such as that we experience in excess through autumn and winter months, can lead to the water proofing wearing off quickly. When the water no longer beads on your furniture set, we recommend treating it with a quality garden furniture treatment to help extend the lifespan of your furniture set.

7. Check for any surface damage and treat before storing

Check for hairline cracks and treat as required with a high quality wood treatment. Cracks are susceptible to the elements and by treating them once small can prevent further damage.

8. Check and treat metalware to prevent the build up of rust 

Screws and fixings can be prone to rust in damp conditions. Treat these with a rust converter or a dab of paint to ensure they are kept rust free.

Our Rattan Swing Egg Chairs have metal spring hooks that allow the chairs to swing freely. Be sure to check these regular to keep them in the best possible condition, using a lubricant when needed throughout the season to keep the components well conditioned.

9. If you can't store your set inside, use a waterproof furniture cover

If you can't store your garden furniture sets in a dry space, outbuilding or undercover during the autumn/winter months, we recommend covering it with a waterproof cover. While our outdoor table and chair sets and garden benches do boast rot resistant properties, this will prevent the excessive damp from soaking into the material and shortening the lifespan of your product.

10. Covered products will need regular air circulation

If you do use a cover, be sure to regularly lift and waft the cover to allow air circulation. This will prevent condensation from forming, which can lead to mould and mildew growth.

If you have any further questions about caring for your garden furniture, please leave a comment for us below to answer. Interested in finding out five ways a fire pit can add atmosphere to your garden? Read more here.

Pictured Above: Our new Rattan furniture collection - coming spring 2021!

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