How to carve the perfect Pumpkin!

Now that Halloween is just around the corner, we've compiled the ultimate Pumpkin Carving guide, to help you carve the perfect pumpkin this Autumn season. No matter if you're using them to decorate your front steps, or as a festive attraction in your back garden, follow these tips to create a pumpkin to remember!

What tools do you need to carve a pumpkin?

Carving a pumpkin requires a few essential, but basic, tools. You will need a sharp knife or pumpkin carving tool, a scoop or spoon, and a marker or pen to draw your design on the pumpkin. You can find pumpkin carving sets in your local supermarket, or a kitchen knife will do just fine!

Step 1: Choose the perfect pumpkin

Start by selecting a pumpkin that is ripe and has a smooth surface. Look for a pumpkin with a sturdy stem and avoid any with soft spots or blemishes. Make sure there's a large enough surface area to work on for your design.

Step 2: Prepare your workspace

Find a clean and well-lit area to work on your pumpkin. Lay down some newspaper or a plastic sheet to catch any mess. We also recommend keeping a large bowl/bin near by, to gather the insides of the pumpkin in once place.

Step 3: Cut off the top

Using a sharp knife, carefully cut a circular hole around the stem of the pumpkin. Make sure the hole is large enough for your hand to fit through, but not so big that it takes away from your design space. Cut at an inward 45 degree angle, so the top will rest back on and not fall through the middle!

Step 4: Scoop out the insides

Grab a scoop or spoon and start removing the seeds and pulp from the pumpkin. Scrape the inside walls until they are clean and smooth. This might take a while, but it's necessary to avoid your pumpkin rotting too quickly, and it also makes carving it easier. Don't throw away the pulp, as you can use this for decoration afterwards!

Step 5: Plan your design

Before you start carving, use a marker or pen to draw your design on the pumpkin. You can create a traditional jack-o'-lantern face or get creative with your own unique design. There are plenty of great designs to choose from on Google if you're stuck for ideas!

Step 6: Start carving

Using a sharp knife, carefully follow the lines of your design and begin carving. Take your time and make small, controlled cuts. It's best to start small, as you can always cut more, but you can't put it back! Remember to always cut away from yourself to avoid accidents.

Step 7: Light it up

Once you have finished carving, and you're satisfied with your design, place a small candle or LED light inside the pumpkin. Light it up and watch your creation come to life!

Remember the pulp from earlier? If your design is really scary, you can use the pump as decoration, hanging out the mouth of your pumpkin!

Step 8: Display your masterpiece

Find a prominent spot to display your carved pumpkin. Whether it's outside your front door, or in a window, your masterpiece is sure to impress trick-or-treaters and neighbors alike!

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