Spook-tacular styling for your Halloween garden

Halloween is fast approaching and transforming your garden to fit this fang-tastic theme can be easily done with some simple garden décor. There are lots of creative and fun ideas to turn your outdoor space into a haunted garden with our Gardenesque range.

We’ve put together some great ideas on creating the ultimate Halloween garden that will leave your neighbours spooked.


Lighting is an important factor of a Halloween garden display and Gardenesque has the range to ensure you create a spooky atmosphere.

Our LED Solar Hurricane Lanterns can line your walkways and driveway or act as a stunning visual stunning centrepiece. This Halloween styling can be completely in less than 10 minutes by cutting silhouettes of spooky Halloween characters such as bats, ghosts, zombies, witches or gravestones.

Uplighters such as our LED Solar Spotlight can create spooky shadows on your patio.

Placing small ghost or bat cut outs near the spotlights will cause daunting shadows to appear on your home’s walls or fences for a real Halloween fright-fest!


Make your garden a Halloween thriller with a display of scary looking plants which can be displayed outside, indoors or as a table centre to capture the spooky mood.

Why not create a spooky front entrance with these frightful looking plants in our range of Gardenesque planters. Dracaena and spider plants with their long and wiry stems will bring eerie vibes to your porch and will contrast well with the dark silhouette of our Ida Black Rounded Garden Pot.

Chinese Lantern Plant

Another plant that will get you into the Halloween spirit is Physalis, also known as the Chinese Lantern. Resembling a small pumpkin with its bright orange appearance, the bulbous blooms have what resembles a flickering flame inside and provides a chilling addition to any container.

Why not try putting together a Halloween table centre with a colour palette of ghostly silver, purple and black that will startle your guests. For the perfect Halloween garden combination, combine black pansies, the wispy white of Old Man's Beard, silver sheen of Senecio candidans or the dark purple foliage of heuchera.

Old Man's Beard

Pumpkins are an iconic Halloween symbol when they are carved into Jack Lanterns so arrange these for ultimate effect.


Accessorising plant pots and containers are a simple and effective way to style your garden for Halloween. Our collection of Gardenesque Essentials Terracotta Multipacks are perfect for pumpkins pots to make with the family. All you have to do is prime and then paint the pots with orange craft paint. Add faces with craft paint, fabric or chalk. Place your Halloween pots around your front door or garden wall for spooky style!

Apple bobbing is a classic Halloween game and can be played using our Wooden Whiskey Barrel Planter. Place a plastic bowl or bucket inside the planter to hold the cold water, then float the apples on top. Then, keeping your hands behind their back and try to grab an apple with just teeth for the perfect Halloween evening fun.

Our Wooden Whiskey Barrel could also be used as a cauldron to style your Halloween Garden. Simply cover the top of the planter in cotton wool to create a foaming look and add a green light inside the planter to create the eerie glow that will cast a spell this spooky season.

Insect Hotels

No Halloween garden is complete without spiders and creepy crawlies. Invest in one of our Insect Houses to encourage the critters to your garden and drape with fake spider webbing to spook out your household.

If you have a porch, hang the insect hotel on the wall or frame, and create spiderweb in between and use the posts for tying the rope, wool or string around your insect hotel for maximum impact. Add one or two fake spiders near your insect house– or more depending on how big your spider web is for the ultimate scream!

For more seasonal styling tips, why not try:

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