How to Recycle Your Brown Packing Paper!

Have you recently ordered from us, and not sure what to do with your brown packing paper? We use it to keep your pots and pieces safe until they arrive to your doorstep - but if you don't want to recycle it - we've got some brilliant upcycling ideas below!

This seemingly mundane paper can play a significant role in nurturing your garden. Let's dive into how you can turn it into valuable assets for your green space.


1. Create Compost!

When it comes to composting, packing paper can help you significantly! By shredding or tearing it into strips, you're providing your compost bin with a vital "brown" material.

In the world of composting, "brown" refers to carbon-rich components, which act as fuel for the microbes responsible for breaking down organic matter. To ensure a balanced compost, aim for roughly four times as many browns as greens (nitrogen-rich materials like plant matter).

Don't forget to maintain moisture levels and turn the pile periodically. In just a few weeks, you'll have nutrient-rich soil conditioner ready to nourish your garden.


2. Homemade Garden Mulch

Creating a protective layer around your plants is essential for their health and growth. Packing paper can serve as an effective barrier against pesky weeds while enriching the soil as it breaks down.

Tear the paper into strips and place them around the base of your plants, leaving ample space for water penetration. Cover the paper with grass clippings, leaves, and soil to complete the mulching process. Not only does this method suppress weed growth, but it also contributes to soil fertility over time.


3. Ripen Fruits and Veg faster!

Impatient for your fruits and vegetables to ripen? Packing paper might just hold the solution.

Wrap individual pieces of produce in the paper and store them in a cool, dry place. The paper acts as an insulator, trapping ethylene gas produced by the fruit, which accelerates the ripening process. Before you know it, your harvest will be ripe and ready to savor!


4. Help with Seedlings

Preparing seedlings for transplantation requires careful consideration, and packing paper can provide an ideal solution. By folding the paper into bowl shapes, you create biodegradable pots perfect for potting soil and young plants.

These paper pots offer excellent drainage and aeration, fostering healthy root development. Exercise caution when watering and moving these delicate pots, as they can be prone to tearing. Once your seedlings have sprouted, simply plant the entire paper pot directly into the soil, minimizing transplant shock and reducing waste.


So, the next time you find yourself faced with a surplus of packing paper, think beyond the recycling bin. From enriching compost to nurturing seedlings, packing paper proves that sustainability is not only achievable but also incredibly fulfilling. So, roll up your sleeves, get creative, and watch your garden flourish!

If you experiment with any of these upcycling ideas, tag us on Instagram to share! If you have any brilliant upcycling ideas of your own, add them as a comment below!


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