Simple Landscape Ideas with Big Impact

Gardening is a joyous hobby. But sometimes we want to spend more time enjoying and relaxing in our beloved outdoor space than tending to its upkeep. That's why we've put together these 6 top tips on how to create big impact with our simple landscape ideas.

By utilising just a handful of statement showstopping garden ideas, you can create visual impact without investing huge amounts of time.


Pairing up garden pots and plants in pleasing compositions will give you instant impact in your outdoor space. What’s more, planting in containers is quick and easy and means you can skip the major digging and weed-pulling and simply plant and enjoy.

Look for containers in a style that suits your home, our Classic terracotta can give your outdoor a Mediterranean feel, whilst our classical Ancient Salt Glaze Planters look great on stone patios in cottage gardens and the clean-lined shapes of our Loudon Glazed Collection complement modern settings.


Bordo Italia Plant pot available in 3 sizes, 50cm, 62cm & 76cm at Handmade in Italy from a premium Italian clay. 

Go for a mix of colours, textures and foliage types for visual interest and arrange the plants for a well-balanced look. Use your pots to mark the edges of stairs or walls or make a statement with just one large decorative pot.


Adding a trellis, a garden arch or obelisk to your landscape, not only creates architectural interest and height, but will also offer plants enhanced access to sunlight and better air flow.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait for years if you want an instant impact, with climbing plants perfect for covering unsightly walls and fences. There are such a wide array of climbing plants available, filling your garden with scent and colour. Perfect for the small garden, Clematis is a compact plant that will not grow huge and rambling. If you are looking to grow deciduous and non-evergreen climbers, we recommend you purchase decorative support as it'll also add interest in your garden, even when your plants are out of season.

Create a show stopping vertical focal point with our decorative songbird metal garden arch at Made from a robust, all weather steel.

Climbing roses are quintessentially English and highly fragranced. Best planted in containers like our Clayton planters at the beginning of autumn to early spring when they are dormant, they will create a fantastic look wherever they’re used. According to rose growing experts David Austin in their guide on how to grow a rose in a pot, you should look for a pot sized at a minimum of 60 litres, 45cm x 45cm and above.

Our best selling, frostproof Clayton terracotta pot is the perfect vessel to showcase your roses, available from 50cm to 90cm pots.



Using different textures in your garden landscape is a quick and easy win for those that want a spectacular look. Not only does it create visual depth, but it also allows you to play with a wide range of styles throughout your garden.

Why not mix and match grass with decorative aggregates such as gravel, slate, bark chippings, pebble and other greenery to break up the space and create a unique outdoor space? Not only is this a low maintenance gardening method, it is a popular way to create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space.

They can be great for reducing the risk of your garden flooding and can be used as an alternative to mulch, meaning your weeds will be kept under control.

Stepping stones

Pathways are stunning and stepping stones can be used to highlight some of your favourite elements in your gardens. Not only that, but stepping stones are often anti-slip, making it safer to walk in wet weather. Lawns can become well-worn come autumn, so stepping stones are an simple and inexpensive method to reduce the risk of muddy ground, whilst enhancing the appearance of your garden as colour fades away.

Stepping stones also create a path that leads the eye down to the bottom of the garden, giving the illusion that the garden is longer than it is.

Create Different Zones

Another simple tweak to make in your garden is to create distinct areas for entertaining and relaxing. It doesn’t matter what size your garden is because you can do this whether your space is big or small.

To create a great outdoor social space for family and friends, you need some suitable Garden Furniture. Our new Lyndhurst Corner Sofa is ideal for casual conversation whilst the Cocoon Chair gives an outdoor space a sense of calm. Our Richmond furniture range provides a contemporary feel that’s great for after-work drinks or a bite to eat.


Repton Wooden Corner Sofa and Table Garden Furniture Set perfect to extend your living space from indoors to out. Very comfortable and made from a sustainably grow, high quality FSC approved eucalyptus hardwood.

Nothing is more welcoming than warm lighting at night so invest our range of solar lights to give your patio space a warm, inviting atmosphere. Our range of fire pits will also help your garden transition between day and night time, providing warmth to catch up with old friends and family.

Water Features

A garden filled with the sounds of running water can create a peaceful place, as well as visual interest. Water is one of nature’s most beautiful elements so installing one of our water features will add dynamic and unique elements to your garden and enhance the overall landscape.

Beautiful stone and granite effect lightweight self contained water feature (no need for plumbing) with a 10m power cable available at

The reflections of plants and trees, as well as light reflects across water in the early morning and evening is both a magical and beautiful vision to have in your outdoor space.

Want some more time saving ideas for your garden?


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