Our September Edit

As we step into September, a season of transition unfolds. The days become shorter, and the air carries a hint of autumn's arrival. It's a time when gardens yield their final bounties, and the promise of cozy evenings by the fire pit beckons. At Gardenesque, we believe in celebrating every season, and our September Edit is all about embracing the beauty and possibilities of this transitional month.


Frost-Proof Terracotta pot with Autumn Flowers

Whilst the summer blooms may be fading, there are still plenty of jobs you can indulge in, in your garden.

Plan for next Spring, begin in planting your bulbs in our Frost-Proof Terracotta. We love classic Spring flowers such as Tulips and Daffodils, to bring bright colour and depth to your garden during those first few milder months.

Prepare for Winter by mulching, covering delicate plants and cleaning up fallen leaves. As we transition out of Summer, we enter a period of garden maintenance, rather than active gardening - and whilst the weather is still mild, it provides the perfect opportunity to be out and enjoying the last moments of the season.

Gardenesque Favourites

Clayton Lattice Terracotta Pots - A breathable, frost-proof decorative pot, perfect for your Spring Bulbs.

Classic Wood Garden Shed - The ideal storage solution for your gardening tools, to protect them over winter.


Wakehurst Wood Burner

As the evenings grow cooler, there's nothing quite like gathering around a fire pit to share stories and savor delicious treats.

Embrace the brisker moments, and explore our range of Fire Pits. We love opting for a fire pit that features a grill, to allow you to roast seasonal treats, such as marshmallows, or chestnuts over an open fire.

Gardenesque Favourites

Hoole Cast Iron Bowl - Create the perfect atmosphere for friends and family with this stunning cast iron fire pit bowl, a traditional style from our classic Hoole collection.

Linton Leven Steel Bowl - The Leven is a robust steel fire pit bowl that comes with a mesh lid, a fire grate and a metal poker.

At Gardenesque, we're here to provide you with the tools and inspiration you need to make the most of this beautiful season. So, grab your garden basket, stoke the fire pit, and savor every moment of September's garden delights. Happy gardening!

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