CHELSEA TRENDS Beautiful gardens are truly transformative spaces

As spring weather warms, all eyes turn to this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show to get the latest in gardening inspiration. And with a theme resilience and creating truly transformative outdoor spaces that have an ability to emotionally rejuvenate us, this year is set to be one of the most exciting shows to date. Here are our favourite trends to inspire you to create your own showstopping garden space.

Letting nature take control

No longer does hard landscaping define our garden space. More and more gardens are letting nature take over. Last year, rewilding was the word of the show as Lulu Urquhart and Adam Hunt won best show garden with a Rewilding Britain Landscape. This years gardens look give inspiration on how we can adapt this theme into our own usable garden spaces.

Create a sense of coziness and protection from the outside world by taking a corner of your garden where you allow nature, over time, to take control. Watch as architecture merges with the plants that surround you. We love this trend as you can achieve it especially in the smallest of spaces, by theming your garden around a cosy seating area or small green nook to get lost in, such a cocoon chair or small intimate bench.


Whether it's for a space to sit and read a book or a space to evoking a sense of calm reflection on your own or with a friend, adding a water feature like our Sitting Man Waterfall or Meditating Lady (with her soft bubbling sound), will help create a more immersive sense of being surrounded by nature.


For your planting, if you want to use specimen plants that need to be potted or want better control over the spread of larger plant varieties, using natural terracotta pots or our ancient stone glazed pot will help intensify the feeling of being surrounded by nature.


The Working Kitchen Garden

With more focus on sustainability at the show, many of the gardens will feature ways on which you can enhance your al fresco dining experience. Whether it's creating a breakfast terrace where you can enjoy a cup of morning coffee, to casual picnic/cottage garden eating areas that moving away from formal dinner settings.


The Wild Kitchen Garden will prove a wealth of inspiration for a true plot-to-plate experience and is a first for Chelsea this year. Setting the table where guests can enjoy meals prepared with ingredients from the nearby kitchen garden will be the talking point all summer.

Surround your table with aromatic herbs planted in a tiered herb planter or vegetables grown in large plant pots to elevate the feeling of naturally grown ingredients, helping to tell your pot to plate story in a more authentic way. Reclaimed metal planters also add to the sense of a working garden, and our pewter farmhouse collection is the perfect lighter weight and more affordable alternative for you.

alpine strawberry or herb planter

Pollinators will also be an important part of the story to help your plot to be more fruitful. Attract bees to your garden with our insect hotels.

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