Three Seasonal Style Ideas for Creating a Cosy Autumn Home

Here at Gardenesque, we love Autumn. It's a show of natural beauty where trees turn from summer greens to warm orange hues and the shorter days greet us with breathtaking sunrises. It also hosts Halloween and bonfire night celebrations where we can spend valuable time with our friends and family. But with these colder, darker days we tend to spend more time indoors. Thankfully, these three hot autumn styling ideas will bring warming vibes to your home.

Houseplant Ecosystems.

Cosy Autumn Home Seasonal Styling Tips

If it's too cold for you outdoors, why not bring your garden indoors? The houseplant trend is thriving, with avid collectors now creating their own houseplant ecosystems.

Create yourself an indoor ecosystem by filling your home with vibrant and exotic plants. This adds life to your indoor space and, as plants are natural air purifiers, will give you a breath of fresh air you’ll be missing from the great outdoors.

Nurturing your plants is also good for your well-being and you'll find joy in all your new plant parenthood rituals. Below are a few of our favourite live plants to get you started.

Chinese Elm Bonsai

Pilea Peperomioides

Monstera Deliciosa

Ficus Lyrata

Colourful Kerb Appeal.

Are you an avid follower of #frontdoor yet on Instagram? If not, we'd recommend you take a look - over 400,000 posts of inspirational and welcoming front door displays, all ready to spread happiness on the people who walk through them.

From playful Halloween decorations to warming, autumnal scenes, you can get really creative. We'd recommend starting with some seasonally planted pots either side of your door. The fragrance will create a welcoming smell and the colour will brighten up those bleaker days. You can then fill the space around them with pumpkins, autumn leaves, Christmas decorations, solar lights or anything that captures your imagination throughout the year.

When choosing a planter for the outdoors, opt for high quality, frost proof materials that will last through the frosty winter spells.

Fire Pit & Chiminea Evenings.

Hoole Ember Steel Chiminea at Gardenesque

Who doesn’t love a fire. Those dancing flames bring comforting vibes that fill you with warmth on a chilly evening. Invest in a fire pit and enjoy spending more time in your garden space, watching starry nights or fireworks displays. Style with our beautiful Paxton wooden furniture, garden fairy lights, a cosy blanket and a hot chocolate for an evening of autumn bliss. You'll want to make staying home in your garden the new going out.

We want to know what you'll be doing this Autumn to brighten up your days. Let us know in the comments below!

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