Time to spring into action by planting bulbs for next year.

With the grey and cold weather drawing in, many of us are already dreaming about the lighter and warmer days of spring and how to bring colour back to our lives. Planting spring bulbs now, whilst the soil is still moist and warm will give them the best start.

Spring bulbs

Not only will they provide a colourful lift as winter ends but it’s a great activity that the whole family can take part in during the latest restrictions.

From delightful daffodils to tantalising tulips, as well as snowdrops and crocus that herald the first inkling of spring, bulbs planted now will create a fantastic display in any border or container.

Bulbs are best planted as you soon as you get them home, follow our top tips for a blooming spring!

Choosing your container

For a spectacular display, we recommend you choose a pot or container that’s at least 30cm in diameter.

Fill your container up to two thirds with a high quality, moist bulb compost which will contain added grit to allow free drainage and avoid bulb rot, as well as providing your bulbs with the correct balance of essential nutrients that they will need for energy and growth.

Loudon plant pot for spring bulbs, available at Gardenesque


It is recommended that bulbs are planted twice the height and size of bulb down in the soil. In most cases, this tends to be approximately 10cm beneath the soil. For the best container display, we advise no more than 10 bulbs per container.

Plant your bulbs with their pointed head pointed up, then continue to fill the container with bulb compost to 3cm from the top of the rim. Firm the compost down and water thoroughly. Use a plant food that is high in potash (tomato feed is ideal!) when shoots start to show.


Once the flowering period has ended, wait for the leaves to die down naturally before removing as this will allow the energy to be restored in the bulbs for next year.

Why not try a bulb lasagne?

A tasty little addition to your outdoor space! Named by the Dutch, this method of planting is effective, easy to do and will create a successional, colourful floral display that will last into late spring

Different bulbs are planted in layers, just like the Italian dish as the name suggests! Most spring bulbs can be used in a lasagne, but it is important that you pick three types that will complement each other in height and colour, whilst flowering for several weeks. A popular combination is snowdrops, daffodils and tulips.

Follow the steps below to create a spring focal point that will continue all spring long.

  • Choose a container for your lasagne, the larger the better to accommodate the layers and bulbs.
  • Add your first layer of bulb compost and plant the tulips, which are the largest and latest flowering bulbs first, at the bottom of the container and then cover with a layer of soil.
  • Continue layering by planting the daffodils next and then covering with soil.
  • Plant the snowdrops which are the smallest and earliest bulbs on the top level of your lasagne and cover with compost.
  • Water the bulbs in and then place the container in a sheltered area so its protected from frost.
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy the floral explosion and your efforts in spring.

Tag us on in your spring bulb planting using #GardenesqueGarden! We'd love to see your creations!

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