Sylva Grow All Purpose Sustainable Growing Medium Compost - 15L

£15.99 GBP

General purpose sustainable compost that is kinder to our earth.

A great quality, more sustainable, general purpose growing compost that you can use for growing seeds and other planting jobs around the garden.

It’s made from a unique blend of Coniferous bark, wood fibre and coir, with no additional peat or green waste.

This organic compost is used by UK professional growers and beginner gardeners alike, for a wide range of garden uses. It has the right, balanced nutrients to support seed growing for even their first 4-6 weeks, potting on all the way through to maturity.

The geeky bits:

  • Ph balance: 6.5
  • Nominal particle size range: 0-6mm
  • Bulk density: 420g per L
  • Moisture content by weight 50%
  • Coniferous bark, wood fibre, coir
  • Suitable for vegan growing 

Best used within the season purchased as longer storage can cause nutrient imbalance.

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