Top Ten Houseplants To Start Your Own Urban Jungle

The popularity of houseplants continues to grow as the urban demographic create their own little green havens inside their homes. People have turned to indoor greenery thanks to being easy to care for and their ability to add colour to interiors easily. The impact of houseplants on our health and wellbeing has also been well documented with their ability to reduce stress, boost creativity, focus and productivity and even purify the air around us.

They have become the new ‘pet’ for many with owners referring to themselves as ‘plant parents’ and you don’t necessarily need a green thumb to own one. There are so many to choose from so we have put together our guide to the best indoor plants to invest in for beginners.

Chlorophytum Comosum - Spider Plant

The spider plant is a great option with its narrow arching leaves and isn’t too fussy about water and will tolerate low light. It is considered one of the easiest houseplants to grow and most adaptable, thriving in any environment.

They enjoy reasonably cool temperatures - around 13-18°C (55-65°F), so are the ideal companion indoors. With its wide variegated leaves, giving it a spiky appearance, it is perfect draping over a neutral coloured container like our Olive Indoor Woven Basket Green Plant Pot.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is one of the most popular indoor plants to grow and is well known for its healing properties. With its succulent green leaves, aloe vera is one of the easiest types of houseplant to care for, thriving in rooms with lots of sunlight placed on a windowsill in a bright living room or bedroom for the best growing conditions. It’s burst of spiky leaves are perfect for our Terra Matt White Ceramic Plant Pot and only needs watering occasionally during the warmer months.

Spathiphyllum - Peace Lily

Peace lilies have grown in popularity as houseplants due to the publication of research that highlights its air purifying qualities and its amazing benefit that promotes restful sleep.

The peace lily boasts gorgeous glossy foliage that stays dense and bushy along with long lasting flowers that will compliment any interior. Ideal for beginners, they are easy to grow and do well in semi-shade over the summer months and bright indirect light during the winter. We recommend you water and mist these plants regularly.

Sansevieria Trifasciata - Snake Plant

Known by many as ‘Mother-in-law’s Tongue’ or the snake plant, this houseplant commands attention with its long sword-like leaves with variegated patterning and is happy in a variety of indoor environments. The Sansevieria is known for its air purifying qualities, releasing oxygen at night and reducing levels of trichloroethylene and xylene, along with various other chemicals we use in the home.

It will thrive in sunny rooms but doesn’t like waterlogged soil so water sparingly. Pair with our neutral Freya Indoor Plant Pot to make its foliage stand out and modernise the decor in your home.

Ceropegia Woodii - String Of Hearts

Love is in the air with this indoor plant that stuns with its trailing heart shaped leaves. A beautiful succulent, String of Hearts loves lots of light and will brighten up any windowsill or trailing from a shelf or desk. We love this plant with an indoor pot with feet so the foliage can drape elegantly over the sides for a waterfall effect.

It is a resilient houseplant but water the plant moderately during major growth periods like the summertime. Keep an eye on moisture levels as String of Hearts can be known to be a victim of root-rot if it gets too soggy.

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia – ZZ Plant

If you are a beginner to houseplants, the ZZ plant is the perfect plant for you as it is drought tolerant and will grow happily in low light. With its smooth and shiny erect green stems and foliage, it is an attractive addition to any home, fuss free and low maintenance.

It only needs to be watered once a week, so check the soil regularly so it isn’t waterlogged and your pot has good drainage. ZZ plants grow relatively slowly so place them in a sunny living room for a focal point or in your home office as an attractive addition to the workspace.

Tillandsia - Air Plants

Create a tropical jungle in your home with easy to care for air plants. Air plants are amazing as they live without soil and take the water and nutrients it needs from the air. They also come in a variety of size, shape and textures, whilst growing upside down or sideways - the possibilities are endless.

We love air plants displayed in shells or on wooden branches. They are also ideal for terrariums where they will grow, flower, and thrive on a sunny windowsill. They love to be grown in bright light and need only an occasional dip or misting with water for moisture.

Monstera Deliciosa - Swiss Cheese Plant

The Swiss Cheese Plant is an exotic plant that has the most fascinating leaves. They grow in these beautiful heart shapes that, once matured, split into the iconic Swiss cheese pattern. It enjoys living in a bright space, away from direct sunlight and looks spectacular in our Plant Pots with legs.

During the warmer spring & summer months, your Monstera Deliciosa will require more regular feeding than through the colder autumn and winter months. If you spot that the leaves are yellowing and drooping, it's likely a sign your Monstera Deliciosa is feeling a little malnourished and could do with an extra serving of fertilizer.

Pilea Peperomioides - Chinese Money Plant

Create a visual delight full of energy and personality with the Pilea. This plant likes indirect sunlight and is perfect to add decoration to tabletops, windowsills and side desks in our Nora Concrete Pot for contrast. This attractive indoor plant will sprout plantlets from the soil which makes it a fantastic plant for first time propagators.

It's really easy to overwater your Pilea as they are very sensitive to sitting in water. If your Pileas leaves start to droop or curl downwards, it's a good sign that you need to let your soil dry out. Pileas are sensitive to sunlight so we recommend near a north or east-facing window, or placing it slightly further away from the light source.

Ficus Elastica - Rubber Plant

The fiddle leaf fig is an exotic tree with a sophisticated 'wow' factor. It has iconic, leathery, fiddle shaped leaves that grow stylishly from the leaf base. It's a great plant to add colour to bright spots in your house, but should be kept away from heat sources and draughts.

It enjoys good watering, but doesn't like to sit in water. You'll want to make sure the top soil is dry before you get the watering can ready. It also requires excellent drainage. If you notice the leaves are starting to drop and turn brown along the edges, it could be a sign of underwatering. Try watering a little more regularly to help bring the leaves back to life

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