Uncover the top five gardenware trends for 2021

A new wave of interest in our homes and the outdoors, brought about by the lockdown restrictions has seen gardening blossom during the coronavirus pandemic. The stay-at-home culture over spring and summer has seen many people have more time for their gardens and embrace the joy of gardening for the first time. But what will 2021 bring for budding gardeners – we predict the trends that will take next year by storm.

Instant impact gardening

Research conducted by the HTA found that almost three million gardeners sprung up this year, with nearly half (49%) of them being under the age of 45. Easy gardening will continue to increase in popularity as this new green fingered audience seek a low maintenance and instant look in their gardens that they can appreciate as they spend more time at home.

Container gardening will continue to rise with one in eight households in the UK having no access to a private or shared garden, and the average garden size in the UK being 12m² for those aged under 45. Vertical gardening and growing up will continue to dominate in new build and flats with little or no outdoor space, so containers full of creeping plants and climbers will take centre stage.

Lightweight planters such as our Eco Terra Plastic Terracotta Pot will also appeal to a young dweller who make up ‘Generation Rent’ and don’t own their own homes. Transportable and temporary, pots like this are ideal to create a mini garden but can be easily moved on when coming to the end of the lease.

Eco Terra | Plastic Terracotta Pot

The resurgence of interest in outdoor living has driven demand for stylish containers, with many taking inspiration from interiors and transferring the look to their outdoor space. Whether it be the cool and contemporary lines of our signature Loudon range, or the sweeping grand millennial trend of ‘granny chic’, with the traditional and nostalgic comeback of our terracotta and rustic pots filled with bold blooms, container gardening is here to stay.

We also anticipate that lighting will play an important part in achieving the instant look and appeal outside. Solar garden lights are an ideal renewable energy option for a striking outdoor ambience. Our range of stake lights that are due to be launched in the new year can be used to frame the shape of flower borders and paths to give a sense of overall space and pleasant aesthetic to an outdoor space.

Luxury holiday at home

With overseas holidays off the cards this summer and people feeling the pinch following this year’s extraordinary events, ‘staycationing’ and holidaying at home will be an option for many in 2021. There will be a strong focus on outdoor living and relaxation as gardens continue to be a lifeline and haven. Having space to entertain friends and family is deemed the second most appealing garden feature for consumers in the UK, with the garden now viewed as an outdoor room or an extension to an existing living space.

Mintel research has revealed that an increasing number of younger people (aged between 25-34) use their outdoor spaces for eating and entertaining. Research from the Garden Centre Association’s Barometer of Trade this summer only reinforced this more with sales of garden furniture and barbecues up by 44%, compared to last year.

As people try to create the luxury holiday feeling at home, a functional and fashionable outdoor space will continue to dominate with weave and rattan garden furniture, as well as contemporary aluminium and wood sets creating a laidback atmosphere outdoors.

Firepit and patio heater sales will continue to soar as people look to use their gardens for much longer in spring and autumn, with BBQs becoming a focal point for outdoor cooking, whilst socializing with friends and family will bring the feel-good factor back to the British summer.

Our new range of string lights, launching in the new year can also add to the luxury holiday feel and can be used to add sparkle to trees, garden structures and bushes to add height and drama to a garden. Solar string lights will recreate the beachside restaurant scene, creating atmosphere for your summer soirees, or simply a pleasant outlook relaxing with a glass of wine.


The summer of 2020 appears to have been quite beneficial for UK garden birds with them building their nests in places that would usually be too busy. People have been able to take more time to sit in their outside space and observe nature and this looks set to continue into next year. The RSPB found that the appreciation for our feathered friends saw sales of bird baths rise by 440% as they captured the public's attention. Birds need clean water to bathe and drink, so placing a bird bath in your garden and cleaning the water regularly will make a huge difference for birds in your area and will bring them flocking all through the next year to feed, breed and shelter.

Indoor gardening

Indoor gardening has become more popular than ever across not just the UK but around the world during the pandemic, as people continue to bring the outdoors into their homes by creating their own urban jungles. It is estimated that the millennial generation is responsible for one third of all houseplant sales, and with social media continuing to play a huge part in their continued success and inspiration being shared online by millions, houseplants will continue to be big business.

With more people spending more time both living and working at home, indoor pots will continue to reflect interior trends as people look for stylish and decorative products for their rooms, as well as the latest on trend accessory for their Instagram picture. Gardenesque’s range of indoor plants pots can turn an ordinary houseplant into a real focal point and breathe life into any interior colour scheme.

Grow your own

Growing fruit, veg and herbs has witnessed an unprecedented surge this year as more people stay in their homes. And with long waiting lists for the country’s allotments, people have turned to growing their own kitchen garden. Vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, carrots, lettuce and beetroot have seen seed and plant sales soar, as have windowsill herbs, planted in our troughs. Not only is it cheaper, but eco-friendly and a family outdoor activity that everyone can take part in to improve their mental and physical wellbeing. We expect this trend to boom even more in 2021 as gardeners continue to nurture their kitchen gardens with no industrial chemicals or pesticides, producing crops that are full of high-quality nutrients which are good for your health.

Kitchen herbs are one of the easiest and most useful gardens to grow. As herbs require little in the way of maintenance, you can grow a generous supply in a surprisingly small space in our Kitchen Herb Planter

As people start to embrace their gardens and start small, we expect kitchen herb gardens to be popular as they provide fantastic flavours and culinary delights from the comfort of their own homes.


An overwhelming number of new generation gardeners have discovered plants' health and wellbeing benefits as they turned to their outdoor spaces as a retreat during 2020. It is widely documented that plants have the ability to cleanse both indoor and outdoor air, reduce stress and improve mood, improve wellbeing and bring a new lease of life to those in need and enhance creativity while connecting us with nature.

With gardening seeing an impressive surge over the past year as people change the way they use and view their outdoor spaces; we cannot wait to see what 2021 brings to the table!

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