Caring for your Garden Furniture

Starting early in spring or autumn, allow for a thorough clean before the seasons change and use this opportunity to clear debris. Regular brushing throughout the year helps prevent build-up, reducing the need for more vigorous cleaning. Use a mixture of hot, soapy water to gently wipe down all parts of the furniture's frame and surface.

After cleaning, take the opportunity to inspect the furniture for any surface damage that may have occurred over previous seasons, such as hairline cracks, rust, or fraying weave. Then, turn attention to any cushions, covers, or fabrics that accompany the furniture set to ensure everything is in proper order.

As the final step, consider the storage of the furniture for the winter months. Storing indoors during autumn and winter can provide extra protection and help preserve the furniture's quality for the following season. We highly recommend using a cover for your garden furniture when not in use, and during the winter season using a cover and bringing the cushions inside. To find out more about how to look after your garden furniture, read our blog post on Caring for your Garden Furniture here