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The use of plants in interior design is getting more and more popular. Now incorporated into the home as modern works of art, houseplants are now seen and used as accent pieces, to brighten, soften or lighten areas of a room or even to create personal expression. Large plants are perfect for minimalistic interiors and will create a statement, whilst smaller houseplants are versatile, suiting any room and offer unparalleled potential to beautify your interior.

It is really important to carefully choose a pot that goes with your plant as this will make a big impact and create the look and feel you desire. We offer both traditional and contemporary designs that will give your babies the best home, as well as bringing colour, texture, and shape indoors.

Our top picks and plants are:

Glazed Indoor Ceramic Geometric Grey Plant Pot

This luxury grey planter provides a timeless, versatile backdrop for your houseplants. The delicate white geometric pattern appears clean, welcoming and warm, making this the ideal pot for your living area. It makes a stunning home for a Calathea, and with over 100 different cultivars, the bright, bold leaves mean they cater for every houseplant enthusiast.

Glazed Indoor Ceramic Geometric Plant Pot

White Indoor Ceramic Plant Pot with Stone Texture

Natural stone can fit perfectly into any decorating style, from contemporary to traditional and rustic. This realistic stone effect indoor plant pot will sit pretty wherever you choose to place it. A Blue Star Fern (Phlebodium aureum) has an unusual silver blue hue and is ideal for the bedroom due to its purifying qualities, sucking up pollutants from the air. What a perfect combination!

White Indoor Ceramic Plant Pot with Stone Texture | Gardenesque

Woven Basket Indoor Plant Pot

Our woven basket planters are a fabulous alternative to traditional ceramic plant pots. Available in three sizes, the planters with their natural weave bring a tropical feel to the home. Create an urban jungle look in a corner of the home with a Swiss Cheese Plant (Monstera deliciosa), Staghorn fern (Platycerium) and an architectural bamboo palm (Chamaedorea seifrizi), which will bring year-round greenery to your home.

Woven Basket Indoor Plant Pot

Yellow Ceramic Indoor Plant Pot with Feet

Sunshine in a pot! Bright and warm, this yellow indoor planter attracts the eye and will light up any dark corner. The colour yellow represents the earth element of health and vitality so pairing with a houseplant is the perfect thing to do! With its floral design and very cheerful colour which brings joy to indoor spaces, we have combined this planter with a Maidenhair fern (Adiantum). This leafy beauty loves moisture so it is ideal to keep in the bathroom.

Yellow Ceramic Indoor Plant Pot with Feet

Metallic Stormy Blue Indoor Plant Pot

This planter is bright metallic blue for an electric pop of colour in the home. Calm, refreshing, and reminiscent of the ocean and sky, this planter will look its best against natural interiors. Available in three sizes, these will make a colourful new home for your beautiful plants. We love partnering with the Nerve plant (Fittonia), loved for its dark-green foliage threaded with contrasting white or red veins, as well as its health benefits of absorbing and eradicating toxins in the air.

Metallic Stormy Blue Indoor Plant Pot

Fletcher Indoor Plant Pot Cover

This beautiful planter mimics the texture of bark, enhancing a natural aesthetic within the home. Fletcher gives charm, warmth, and earthiness to a space and will set off any mantelpiece, book shelf or coffee table.

Available in a range of three sizes, it's the perfect planter for cacti and succulents. With their plump green leaves, they are ideal for beginners and are one of the only plants that thrive on neglect and are impossible to kill.

Fletcher Indoor Plant Pot Cover | Gardenesque

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