How to take advantage of the longer summer season outdoors

Looking forward to autumn, it’s one of the loveliest times of year to be a gardener. The beauty of plants, shapes, foliage, and natural colours, can be classed as a form of art this season. There is a whole other world of gardening possibilities after summer flowers have faded, your garden can still be enjoyed with planted container displays.

And once the sun goes down and the summer months pass, the enjoyment can continue by creating an al fresco lounge space– an extension of your home where you can relax and socialise. We take a look at how you can create the finest autumn displays and extend the season for friends and family.

Autumn leaves

The autumn garden

Autumn and winter containers in smaller gardens can make a strong focal point or impact when needed. Planting now also offers an easy way to add colour to a home’s exterior without digging or weeding in flower borders.

Charcoal Grey Cylinder Planter

Why not plant Japanese maples or acers in our Charcoal Grey Cylinder Faux Lead planters which are available in three sizes, perfect for small trees? Acers are excellent for autumn colour, with their bright green leaves changing to orange-yellow and then blazing red in the later months.

Loudon Classical White Planter

If you are looking for late flowering blooms, you cannot go wrong with Japanese anemones, cyclamen, verbena, rudbeckia and wispy ornamental grasses in our classical Loudon planters.

We love using evergreen shrubs such as box, bay and yew in our Nero XXL Terracotta Plant Pots surrounded by the height and colour of heather, autumn-flowering crocus, trailing ivy and ornamental cabbages.

Nero XXL Large Terracotta Plant Pot | Gardenesque

Extending the evening

As the weather cools and the nights draw in, it’s time to get your garden, yard or patio into shape as you embrace the autumn evenings and continue to spend time outdoors. An outdoor fire pit is the latest must-have accessory for your garden and ideal for evening socialising with friends and family. Whether it be a wood-burning fire pit or a gas fire pit, it provides the perfect finishing touch to your alfresco area.

Hoole Tintagel Fire Pit | Gardenesque

We stock a large array of wood fire pits that are ideal for adding an outdoor hot spot. Our Hoole Tintagel Steel Fire Pit With Stand is a traditional fire bowl that will transform your garden into a relaxation destination and can be used all year round to provide a comfortable ambience in the cooler evenings.

There’s something for everyone this autumn, no matter what your outdoor setting is. You can use fire pits for staying warm, or even to cook your food. And, even better, it provides a focal point, something to arrange your chairs around as your gathering strays into the evening.

Wakehurst Firepit

The Wakehurst Outdoor Wood Burning Fireplace is a show-stopping hub, ideal for a larger gathering that involves corner or bench seating. If you have a smaller outdoor space, the Hoole Ember Steel Chiminea is a sleek metal fire piece that allows you to extend the party into the evening.

Even on colder days, a gas fire pit will ensure your back garden is not out of bounds. Installing a fire pit that runs gas will provide heat in an instant. The Grey Outdoor Gas Firepit Table is a crowd-pleaser with its modernistic look, whilst being easy and safe to use and requiring very little maintenance.

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table

Once you’ve installed your brand new fire pit, you can enjoy its benefits not just in autumn but all year long, giving your outdoor space a new lease of life. The impressive heat the flames give off provides all the warmth you need regardless of the season.

LED Starburst Solar Stake Light

We also have a vast array of solar lights which are perfect for those winter nights - Halloween, Bonfire night, even a Christmas or New Year toast.

Looking for more autumnal tips for styling your outdoor space?

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